Owl Class – Summer Term 2023

I look forward to welcoming everyone back on Monday for the start of our Summer Term! Hopefully you’ve all had a great Easter… I’ve spent lots of time with the woofers, catching up with friends and running around the lanes – burning off the chocolate and treats just to consume some more!

For the first half of Summer Term, our timetable is mostly the same: PE is Monday and Tuesday but remember that Music has switched to Wednesday with Mrs Kessel-Fell. Here is our timetable which you might like to print off and have a copy at home:

Owl Timetable Summer 1 2023

Furthermore, here is an overview of our learning this term:

Curriculum Map OUr changing world

There is a lot to pack-in around a topic of climate change, energy and our changing planet which will be taught across many of our subjects and lessons, including the opportunity for Owl Class to get inventive! I’ve no doubt we have a very busy but fun term ahead!

For year 6s –  SATs Week is 9th-12th May (the week of the King’s Coronation Bank Holiday – week 4).  For your information: 

Tuesday 9th May: Grammar & Spellings

Wednesday 10th May: Reading

Thursday 11th May: Maths Paper 1 (Arithmetic) & Paper 2 (Reasoning)

Friday 12th May: Maths Paper 3 (Reasoning)

If there are any queries about SATs week, please don’t hesitate to get in contact. 

After half-term (beginning of June), we will switch the timetable to fit in swimming lessons on a Friday afternoon but I will send out further details nearer the time.

As always, please email / get in contact if you have any questions, comments or are in need of a chat – I really appreciate communication between home and school to keep Owl Class a happy little place to learn and be!

Thank you for your continued support; have a great weekend and I’ll see you Monday!

Miss Whit 🙂


Well-being Wednesday – from Mrs Viner

Well-being Wednesday
Hi everyone, it’s Mrs Viner here checking how you are getting on in this strange and unusual time!
I am sure that you are making the most of being at home, but I also wanted to remind you that it is important to keep your mind and body happy and active!
This can be achieved in a variety of ways. 🍴🏃‍😴
Firstly, by eating a healthy balanced diet and drinking plenty of water. Food is really important as it fuels our bodies, so we have lots of energy to run and jump around!
Secondly, you need to do some physical exercise. When you exercise your heart rate increases and your body releases chemicals called endorphins – which make you feel happy and motivated.
Lastly, sleep is really important as it gives our bodies rest and allows it to prepare for the next day.
Did you know, that every living thing sleeps from the smallest insect to the largest whale. Some animals spend as much as 20 hours a day sleeping!! 😴
I would love if you would send me your ideas of how you are keeping yourselves feeling happy and keeping active. Here are some ideas to get you started.
  • Can you create a healthy plate of food? You could draw the different food or create a menu. If you are a budding chef maybe you could prepare the food for someone in your house. (Always check with an adult before hand).
  • What exercises have you been doing? Rhys and I have started the Couch to 5K. Could you create your own exercise video like Joe Wicks? Tell me about the places you have explored for your daily exercise?
  • Could you find out how much sleep other animals get? Who sleeps the most in your house? For any of our top mathematicians, could you record how much sleep you get every night over a week? Then put it into a graph or/and find the average amount of sleep you get?
So, over to you…please send your ideas to viner.l@ruyton.shropshire.sch.uk
Take care and stay safe 😊

A Prayer for these difficult times

Kate Gregory has written this prayer for us all and we wanted to share it with our school community.

Dear Lord,

The world feels a strange place right now.

Our classrooms are empty and it is hard to play with our friends.

At this time, please look after my friends, my family and the people in our community who live on their own.

Help us to remember that you are always there and that one day this will pass.


Up-dated information from Autism West Midlands

Please see the information below sent by AWM

Autism West Midlands will continue to offer advice appointments and support throughout the ongoing outbreak over the phone and via email.  Parents and carers can contact our small team directly as follows;

Mon, Tue, Weds              = Wendy Cowton            07900784186

Weds, Thu, Fri                  = Emma Hegenbarth       07881109480

Email                                   = shropshire@autismwestmidlands.org.uk


During this unpredictable and unsettling period we can offer guidance around;

  • Supporting children who are anxious and upset about the virus
  • Coping with change and uncertainty
  • Suggestions to keep them active and engaged


With the schools closing, and people becoming more isolated we know that such support will be essential for families.