Owl Class – Carding Mill Valley Trip

We had a brilliant trip to Carding Mill Valley this week. It included a challenging trek up the hills learning all about the valley’s history and formation plus a river exploration where children discovered what can be learned from studying the river bed.

Our National Trust leaders were fantastic whilst our children were commended on their manners. A special thank you to Miss Ryan (Harry’s mum!) for joining us on the day and providing invaluable support. Well done Owl Class – it was such a pleasure to enjoy a day out with you!

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Weekly Homework

Every week, do your best to complete the following:

1. Daily reading with at least 3 updates in your Reading Diaries.
2. Times tables – complete any grids in your book and keep practising times tables to stay confident.

3. Spellings : Learn your individualised spelling list for test day Tuesday 🤩

4. Topic – for September, keep updating your moon diaries with observations and use the website reference regularly to see the changing shape of the moon over the month.

Homework Books will be needed in on Tuesdays, ready for the new spellings & tasks to be stuck in.
Any problems, just have a chat with Miss Whit, Mrs Viner or Mrs Dyke ☺️

Worship with Reverend Burns

It was a pleasure to welcome Reverend Lucinda Burns back into school today for our daily Worship. With plenty of audience participation, we learned about Abraham for Reverend Burns’ fortnightly Worship. Worship Council members, Arthur and  Matthew, helped lead the Worship as we all came together in the School Hall. Well done everyone!



So long, farewell… Mrs Hindson!

Today we said the first of our ‘big goodbyes’ this week as we finally wished a very happy retirement to our long serving music teacher, Mrs Hindson.

Mrs Hindson has worked at St John’s for an incredible 24 years! She had her first day of music teaching at our school back in 1997 and it is an honour that she spent her last one here too.

We held a farewell performance in our school fields this afternoon; it was wonderful to hear all the children sing together again after such a long time.

From all of us at St John’s, a huge thank you a good luck to Mrs HIndson; you will be very missed but have left a musical legacy at Ruyton that we will endeavour to continue. Mr Butler – no pressure!


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St John the Baptist Day Service

Please see the link below to view our annual St John the Baptist Day Service 2021.

Thank you to Reverend Burns, the Worship Council and the children for their contributions.

We look forward to seeing you all at our ‘normal’ service next year in the Church, along with the annual picnic lunch! Thank you for your continued support.

St John the Baptist Service 2021

Fun Run Fundraiser… the total is in!

A huge thank you to everyone who helped us raise a whopping £788 for our Fun Run which was held earlier this term. We can’t believe how much we raised!

Thank you to the Friends for their support in creating this event – we had a blast doing it whilst it was all for a great cause. Well done Team Ruyton!

Screenshot 2021-07-02 142959

Sports Day 2021

We were delighted to be able to hold our annual Sports Day today at Ruyton, even though it wasn’t our ‘usual’ occasion we still made the best of the current restrictions and held this annual favourite in our class bubbles. Tedsmore Green were the overall House winners on the day! Well done to you all.

We are thrilled to be able to share some of the races and our day via the video link below – please enjoy.

A huge well done and thank you to our fantastic children for such brilliant displays of sport – there was lots of laughter, some big smiles and plenty of determined faces! A fantastic morning all round. Thank you to the families of our school for your continued support.

Sports Day 2021



Dragonfly Arts Week 2021 🎨 🌎 🌊 🐬 🌟

Dragonfly Class had a creative, fun and productive Arts Week around the theme of ‘Planet Earth 2021’. We explored the book “Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth” by Oliver Jeffers and then went on to learn about the ocean animals that are currently on the World Wildlife Fund’s Endangered Species List 2021. This developed skills across the curriculum including measurement in mass (tuna fish are huge!), habitats in science (including food chains, habitats, survival and evolution) plus reading, communication skills, geographical knowledge, climates, physical co-ordination … the list goes on!

The children were fantastic all week: teamwork, perserverance and focus in abundance! A big thank you to them all for making my week such a pleasure whilst producing some brilliant results 🌟 🌟 🌎 🌊 🌟 🌟

The finished pieces (so far – the clay project is still to come!)

‘Ocean Deep’ whole class collage:

7F6C983D-7B3F-4BDF-A4F8-A5A1947B4660 AEC521B7-096C-4DF5-B7F6-E8D46F072E2C

Sharks in the Abyss:

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Arts Week in action!

‘Wet-on-wet’ watercolour dolphins & porpoises

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Aboriginal dot-painted turtles & tortoises

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Clay turtles 

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Chalk pastel ‘Sharks in the Abyss’

D0217BB4-CD20-4FE4-903C-4195B6471D12 E1C13039-19E0-43AB-A773-A7C72A75234D B90CAC4C-D08C-4FED-915E-252DB19CC804 B939B874-763E-4FCE-8FE9-1D073F015D84 19E99D49-FDAA-4AC1-925B-8B601CE54900 94A1E855-4AB0-4122-A019-ED58156158B5

Textile Collage – Ocean Deep

AE9D7DB0-8787-4E5C-845E-99182697AC3C B7C9BA60-E172-4489-AF0E-2647178B92F6 324FC92A-8D6A-42E5-A227-CA476275D093 3DA5A7A1-368F-4C30-8E40-A7002C1127DA 2ACF2D82-7434-43CC-8987-42015771FBB2 E37E19F5-B2FD-456B-8A4D-DF7753E6D803 0C05FE15-2C33-434E-AB70-8A1BCB8C451F C1338224-7898-41F7-AA6B-3BAD0CB427DB 5F202E15-7A00-4009-9C18-32FE47B6B130 608A1859-4F62-4104-A7E0-D9475810AE46 A7E9E806-08B9-45C2-9725-15BD056BF984 199EC8F3-8159-4174-9EB2-D6887CF0151C

Foil Tuna fish 🐟 … yes, they’re endangered! 


And not forgetting India’s new jumper 🌟😄