Celebrations of the week – 19th January

Here are this week’s awards…

Weekly Celebrations 

School Value Ambassadors (earning House Points with one pupil chosen each week per year group, awarded by teachers for showing one of our school values):

Year 6 – Freddie for ‘Love’, ‘Hope’  – For showing great courage over recent days and being so positive and hard working in some challenging times.

Year 5 Tilly for ‘Respect’ and ‘Perseverance’: Tilly has been working really hard in all her lessons and showing her best!

Year 4 Otto for ‘Respect’ : For trying his best consistently.

Year 3 Oscar for ‘Respect’: For always following class rules.

Year 2 Harry for Perseverance and Wisdom!: Harry has been working really hard on his writing – re-reading and editing his work.

Year 1 Hallie for ‘Love’ and ‘Friendship’: Hallie is a great friend to everyone and shows the values by the bucketful everyday!

Reception Jasmine for ‘perseverance’ : Jasmine is working really hard on her handwriting – super effort!

Bumblebees Ruairi for settling so well this week!

Raffle ticket winners (awarded by staff for lining-up or behaviour around school)

Congratulations to all our winners this week!