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Summer Term (2nd half) – Owls

Hello everyone,

Hope you’ve had lots of fun during half term! Below is the updated timetable for Owl Class for this next half term.

Owl Timetable Summer 2 2024

Owl PE – Due to swimming now being on Friday afternoons, we will now only be having PE on Tuesdays (as usual). So please ensure children wear PE kits on Tuesday.

For the Owls and Dragonflies that join me for football club on Thursdays, I want to make it really clear that football boots and shinpads are a necessity for involvement in this club. Luckily we have not had any accidents involving studs yet but this cannot be a risk. Please ensure your child has them with them on Thursdays and comes in their PE kit that day too.


Mr Arthur

Weekly Celebrations 10.5.24

Here are this week’s awards…

Weekly Celebrations 

School Value Ambassadors (earning House Points with one pupil chosen each week per year group, awarded by teachers for showing one of our school values):

Year 6 – Lylah for ‘Love’ and ‘Friendship’ – For showing care and compassion to her classmates at all times.

Year 5 Millie for ‘Respect’ and ‘Wisdom’ – For always being engaged in lessons.

Year 4 Magnus for ‘Perseverance’ – For trying really hard in all subjects and never giving up, even when he finds something tricky.

Year 3 Charlie for ‘Perseverance’ – For working really hard on his English this week and writing a lovely letter! Well done!

Year 2 Millie for showing ‘Trust’ and ‘Perseverance’: Millie is working really hard in all of her lesson, she takes a lot of pride in her work. She is developing her independence but also knows to ask for help if she needs it.

Year 1 Alfie for ‘Respect’ & ‘Wisdom’ – Alfie is a superstar. He has a fantastic attitude to learning. He makes excellent contributions to our class discussions and uses what he knows to help him with his learning.

Reception Cordelia for ‘Love’ and ‘Friendship’ – Cordelia is always bright and cheerful, she is very caring to her friends and loves entertaining them with her wonderful stories!

Raffle ticket winners (awarded by staff for lining-up or behaviour around school)


Congratulations to the following Golden Book winners (from class work and stars)

Evie, Lucy, Thalia, Oscar, Isaac, Brooke, Amber, Beau, Tilly, Charley, Liz, Thomas, Millie, Sophia, Devon, Percy, Eva and Alex.

Other achievements…

Laurie has achieved his 25m badge in swimming, great work Laurie – well done!

Thomas and Lucy completed a 5k colour run in aid of Lingen Davies, and raised over £125! What an achievement.

Millie is taking part in the play ‘Our Day Out’ this weekend, she is playing Linda. Break a leg Millie, we can’t wait to hear all about it next week!

Congratulations to all our winners this week!

Science in Dragonflies

In science we are looking at sound. This afternoon we were exploring how sound can change over a distance. As part of this we created string telephones to demonstrate how sound travels. We discovered that we could hear clearly through the cups as the string and the cups are solid, so the particles are much closer together than the particles in the air, which is a gas. The sound energy can travel from particle to particle far easier in the solid string telephone, so the sound of our voices were louder over the same distance than it was in the air. We had a great time discovering how sound travels over distance!

Weekly Celebrations 26.4.24

Here are this week’s awards…

Weekly Celebrations 

School Value Ambassadors (earning House Points with one pupil chosen each week per year group, awarded by teachers for showing one of our school values):

Year 6 – Brooke for ‘Respect’ – For putting 100% effort into all lessons and being so kind and respectful to everyone.


Year 5 Tilly for ‘Friendship & Wisdom” –¬†For being a lovely member of Owl Class every day, showing kindness and friendship to all classmates and participating in every lesson.

Year 4 Scarlett for ‘Friendship & Hope’ –¬†Scarlett has settled into Dragonfly Class, making lots of new friends and working hard. Well done Scarlett!

Year 3 Sid for ‘Perseverance’ – For learning how to start again and persevere when you find things difficult.


Year 2 Florence for ‘Friendship’, ‘Love’ and ‘Respect’: Florence is a super friend to everyone. She is kind, helpful and respectful. Well done Florence, keep it up!

Year 1 Jackson for ‘Perseverance’ & ‘Wisdom’ – Jackson is becoming a fantastic writer. He is trying hard to keep his writing neat and he is using his phonics to help spell any words he is not sure of.

Reception Elsie for ‘Hope & Perseverance’ – Elsie has a brilliant attitude to learning and works really hard in all her lessons. Her ‘can do’ positive attitude and perseverance is amazing – you are super Elsie!

Raffle ticket winners (awarded by staff for lining-up or behaviour around school)

Other achievements…

Lucy has received her ‘Technical Climber’ certificate of achievement. Well done Lucy, it sounded like you had to do some quite tricky climbs to achieve this!

Blake received his ‘Water Safety’ Level 3 award, we can’t wait to see him in action at swimming over the next few weeks.

Our half marathon runners! What a fantastic achievement for everybody involved, it was lovely to see our school values shine through the children last Saturday.

An extra special mention…

India inspired us all with her efforts this week! India has chosen to donate her hair to the ‘Little Princess Trust’ – a charity that provides real hair wigs, free of charge, to children and young people who have lost their own hair through cancer. India was inspired to do this after knowing what a difference a real hair wig has made to people close to her. She is also raising money for Little Princess Trust to help produce the wigs. If you would like to donate towards this fantastic cause, India will be bringing her sponsorship form in next week. Well done India, we are all very proud of you and the difference you are making.

Congratulations to all our winners this week!

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