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Friday 15th January – Dragonfly Class

Please see Teams for lessons, chats and updates.

9:20 Morning Meeting for all

9.40am Year 3 & 4 English

10.20am Year 2 English

1pm Afternoon Meeting for all

2.45pm Close of day meeting for all

Finally, spend time today finishing any incomplete tasks from the week (for example the internet rules poster from yesterday).

Task One: Reading

Access the Assignment on Team and send me an update of your reading this week. What have you been reading? What have you enjoyed? What would you like to read next?

Task Two: Maths

Today we are having a TT Rockstars session! Log-in and commence battle… you can challenge each other or work through the levels and lessons.

Task Three: English

Join your live lessons and complete the Assignment task set on Teams.

Task Four: PE

Catch up with the Activity Challenge I’ve posted on behalf of the School Games and do your own activity. Joe Wicks is also online at 9am if you fancy his workout!

Well done and thank you for such a brilliant week! We’ll be moving over to Teams next week as I think you are all accessing the activities on there (even if you’re recording work on paper).

Dragonflies – you are BRILLIANT! Happy weekend,

Miss Whit xx


Thursday 14th January – Dragonfly Class

Please see Teams for our full chats, lessons and live tasks – we’re all getting better at this!

Today’s top tip: Keep your School Games Activity log updated to send to the School Games organisers 🙂

9:20 Morning Meeting for all

9.40 Year 3 Maths lesson

10.05 Year 4 Maths lesson

10.30 Year 2 Maths lesson

11.00 Year 3 Recorders

11.30 Year 4 Recorders

1pm Afternoon Meeting for all

2pm Music lesson for everyone!

2.45pm Close of day meeting for all


Task One: Maths – look out for your live Teams lessons

Year 2 PPT

Year 2 Reasoning Task

Year 3 PPT

Year 3 Reasoning Task

Year 4 PPT

Year 4 Reasoning Task

Task Two : English. L/O: To describe a setting.

Today I would like you to use your own word bank (from yesterday) or use some of the language shared on the Teams Assignment for this task to write a story opening where the setting has been described effectively.

Here is an example by ‘Boring Miss Whit’!

A boy walked in the woods. There were tall trees. It was peaceful. The woodland felt calm but he felt a little lonely. Birds tweeted in the trees.

Can you do better? Of course. Go Dragonflies!

If you can, write this on the Assignment document as I can mark it with more detail 🙂


Task Three: Music 2pm – Mr Butler will be delivering LIVE Recorders and Music today!


Task Four: PSHE & Computing L/O; To think about how we use the internet everyday.

L/O: To consider how we use the internet.

As discussed in our meeting earlier, we are all using the internet and computers as a huge part of our daily lives at the moment. This technology can be brilliant! But is also needs to be used mindfully.

Your task is to create a poster which shows the rules which you think Dragonfly Class need to remember whilst we are learning at home using Microsoft Teams, live video calls and the internet including sending messages through chat, using The Playground and choosing emojis. There are lots of rules we should be following but pick a few that you think are most important to you at the moment.

Have a look at the links below for some ideas (you don’t have to do them all!)

How can you use the internet safely?

Keeping Safe Online

The Smart Crew – lots of activities, perhaps choose one or two to look at

Send your poster as a photo attachment to the Assignment if you can. Good luck!


See you on Teams

Miss Whit xx

Wednesday 13th January – Dragonfly Class

Good morning all,

Here are Wednesday’s lessons which will hopefully work! Every year group can attend a Maths lesson today now we are all beginning to get more familiar with what we are doing. For parents – I am going to stick to these times for the rest of this week and hope that it works everyday!

Before the day starts you could be participating in Joe Wicks’ 9am workout!

9.20am – all (introduction)

9.40am Year 3 Maths lesson

10.05am Year 4 Maths lesson

10.30am Year 2 Maths Lesson

1pm – all (afternoon introduction – optional but I will introduce task)

2.45pm –  all (close of day / sharing – optional)

Organise the rest of your day yourselves with regular breaks.

Reverend Burns’ has sent a worship under ‘Assignments’ that you can watch today; choose a time that suits you.

Task One: Handwriting & Spellings – do on Teams Assignment if you can!

Using this week’s spelling list (sent out yesterday) can you write one sentence for each word. Remember:

  • capital letters & full stops (or other end of sentence punctuation) for full sentence
  • joined up handwriting
  • spelling checks!

Task Two: Maths – also available on Teams

Year 2 PPT

Year 2 Task

Year 3 PPT

Year 3 Task

Year 4 PPT

Year 4 Task

Task 3: English

Complete the task attached (I’d prefer you to use Teams and add comments onto the ‘live’ Notebooks if possible):

Settings – word task

Task Four: RE 

This term we are learning about Hinduism. Firstly, I would like you to watch and listen to this Hindu story about ‘Svetaketu’:

The Salt and the Seed 

What is the lesson of this story? Write down your own ideas about what can be learned from this story and Hindu beliefs (there is an Assignment on Teams that you can write this on).

Other tasks:

  • Reading your home books
  • Times tables rockstars
  • Catch up with Joe Wicks Wednesday workout

See you on Teams!

Miss Whit x

Dragonfly Class – Tuesday 12th January

We will be meeting again on Teams today and you should have received invites to the following meetings:

9.20am – all (introduction)

9.40am Year 3 Spelling Test & Maths lesson

10.10am Year 4 Spelling Test & Maths lesson

10.40am Year 2 Spelling Test

1pm – all (afternoon introduction – optional but I will introduce Science task)

2.45pm –  all (close of day / sharing – optional)

Organise the rest of your day yourselves with regular breaks. Year 3 and 4 – remember that you are having a taught maths session so save your maths until then!

Task One: Handwriting & Spellings

1. Learn this week’s spelling list below (recommended learning time 20 minutes). See how many you already know first, then learn ones you don’t.

2. Print the spelling sheet if you can to practise your handwriting by copying each word / letter join carefully. Think about the size of each letter too! Take your time to improve your writing.

Year 1 Week 2

Year 2 Week 2

Year 3 Week 2

Year 4 – Week 2

Task two: Maths

Today you are all looking at the ‘Reasoning’ parts of the tasks… Year 3 and 4 – remember you will be having a live teach with me!

Year 2 PPT-Make-Equal-Groups-Sharing

Year 2 Reasoning Task

Year-3 PPT-Multiply-2-Digits-by-1-Digit-1

Year 3 Reasoning Task

Year-4 PPT-Factor-Pairs

Year 4 Reasoning Task

Task 3: English

Thank you for sending me your brilliant writing over the past week. Today you have a grammar session, see the links below. Remember: work through the Powerpoint ideas and answers first, then have a go at the Task.


Year 2 Grammar PPT – Writing Lists

Year 2 Task

Year 3 Grammar PPT – Consonants

Year 3 Grammar Task

Year 4 Grammar PPT – Fronted Adverbials

Year 4 Task

Task Four: Science

If you can, open this on your Teams ‘Daily Tasks’ page as you can write on it and I can mark it!

What is a force?

Other tasks:

  • Reading your home books
  • Times tables rockstars


See you on Teams!

Miss Whit x

Dragonfly Class – Monday 11th January

Good morning all,

I loved our ‘ chat’ on Friday morning – it was lovely to have so many of you get involved. Well done to those of you who had to persevere with technology – I hope you’ve managed to get these blips sorted. Thank you for staying muted unless I asked you to unmute (Teams runs better this way), great use of the ‘Raise / Lower Hand Buttons’ and good to see many of you use the ‘Chat’ option to communicate. Success!

Now hopefully lots of you are moving over to using Teams this week; I will continue to put the work on this website all week too just in case you’re having problems with Teams but hope to move over to Teams completely next week so do try and get used to using it!

We will be holding 3 daily meetings with some group lessons in ‘breakout rooms’ along the way.  We will have a catch up TEAMS meeting at 1pm today to discuss the morning’s work and to go through the afternoon task with a final TEAMS meeting at 2.45pm to say goodbye and see how your day has gone.  I have included a suggested timetable for how you could organise your learning below around the meeting and breaktimes.

Monday on Teams:

9.20am Morning meeting for all (approx 15 mins)

9.40am Year 3 Maths Group (if you usually complete Year 3 maths tasks, this is you! I will hopefully be technical enough to invite you into a Breakout Room….!)

1pm Afternoon meeting for all (approx 10 mins)

2.45pm End of day meeting for all (approx 10/15 mins)

NB: This schedule will increase as we all get used to using Teams. 

Your learning for today is below – enjoy!

1. Spellings

Spend 10 minutes revising the spelling list from last Tuesday (available on ‘Spellings’ page) – test tomorrow! Challenge: If you’re confident, learn two new words from your year group list below. 



2. Maths

There are new objectives today and a new powerpoint. To complete today’s activity you only need to look at the powerpoint on the ‘Varied Fluency’ slides. The ‘Reasoning and problem solving slides’ will help you tomorrow.

Remember – if you want to save on printing, you can read the questions on the screen then record your answers on paper ( a bit like in-class when you present your work in books).

Year 2 PPT-Make-Equal-Groups-Sharing

Year-2 Task – Make-Equal-Groups-Sharing

Year-3 PPT-Multiply-2-Digits-by-1-Digit-1

Year-3 Task Multiply-2-Digits-by-1-Digit-1

Year-4 PPT-Factor-Pairs

Year-4 Task Factor-Pairs

3. English – continued from Friday

Your task is to now write your story down; it can be handwritten or using the computer to type it if you prefer! You may add pictures (illustrations) too.

Don’t forget your challenges:

Year 2: Capital letters and full stop perfection please!

Year 3: Use expanded noun phrases (powers of 3) at least five times! e.g. the shadowy-brown, angry, grizzly bear.

Year 4: Start sentences with fronted adverbials at least three times (remember the comma) e.g: With an ear-splitting roar, the shadowy-brown, angry, grizzly bear began to chase Elliot and India. 

Whole class challenge: Include speech!

Here is a Bitesize link to learn about editing and improving: Editing & Improving

4. PE

Joe Wicks is delivering his home school workout three days a week this lockdown – you can access today’s work-out on his You Tube channel:

Joe Wicks You Tube Channel

Also, check out the School Games activity challenge I’ve posted in everyone’s class today.

5. Reading

Make sure you spend 20 minutes reading for pleasure today. If you already do this at bedtime, you may enjoy David Walliams Book Club which is happening at 11am today!


Remember – you can do these in any order, it’s up to you.

See you on Teams at 9.20am!

Miss Whit 🙂

End of week one – Dragonflies

Here are the final bits of work from this week – WOW DRAGONFLIES! You are superstars.

Ella’s been busy with her story ‘The Stoneage Catastrophe’:.. check out her amazing expanded noun phrases all the way through! I love “knobbly root” and “battleship-grey”… fantastic Ella.

Stoneage catastrophe Ella

India’s brilliant delivery of her story – you speak so clearly India, very well-delivered.

India – part 1

India part 2

India part 3

Elliot’s  fantastic ( and very long!) Stone Age story with a gripping opening! I’m sure lots of you will love this – it’s nice and gory! Make sure you’re not eating whilst reading 🙂

Stoneage story

Elsie & Evan’s Front covers – super effort!

elsie evan elsie eva

Skyler’s Axe & explanation – this looks like the real thing!

skyler axe

Andreas’ front cover:


Plus his choice of reading he’d like to share… May the force be with you!

Andy;s bookAndreas’ story … ‘The Naked Woolly Mammoth’! Thank goodness there’s a happy ending.
Andy's story

Elliot had a very arty afternoon with Shropshire Rocks. I wonder if you can find any rocks this lockdown?

art elliot

Dev’s Fab front cover:

dev front cover

Ella’s artwork using watercolours for her front cover:

ellas front cover

Harrison took part in a general knowledge quiz – great score Harrison! This sounds fun 🙂 You will enjoy the task coming up from Amber over the next couple of weeks.

Harrison's quiz

Harrison’s step count! As promised after our Teams Meeting, Harrison conquered his 10,000 step goal and hit 11,430! Wow!

Harrison's steps

India is continuing to wear her school uniform – looking very studious India 🙂

india art

India’s story writing – I am sure all of Dragonflies will be so pleased to see you use your ‘new’ handwriting style. Well done you!

india story

Click on the link below to see Luana’s brilliant movie making – you’ve delivered this brilliantly Luana!

Luana film

Whilst she has also been busy designing the front cover to her story:

luana front cover

Skyler is also on a mission to take over her living room floor. You look like you’ve been SUPER busy Skyler! 🙂


Sophia got arty with her front cover:

Sophia's front cover

To fit her story that she has really enjoyed working on:

Sophia's story




Dragonflies Home Learning Day Three

Oh I was in for a treat with this home learning. I’m so impressed at how well you’ve told your stories orally. Thank you to everyone who has sent in their work so far! There are still some ‘stone age craft projects’ coming in too. 🙂

Sophia’s Film

Andreas’ Film

Harrison’s Film part 1

Harrison’s Film part 2!

Oliver’s Film

Luke’s Story

Lucy’s Story

Amber’s Film part 1

Amber’s film part 2

Amber’s film part 3


Ella’s audio story:





Harvey’s Stone Age project:


Out & about with the Incles!

incles ice Incles view inclnes ice

India’s spellings conquered already:

india spellings india

Watch out Elliot… she looks fierce!

stone age incles

A very busy Bella & Amelia… 🙂

Bella (2)


Dragonfly Class – Friday 8th January

Happy Friday! Possibly a snowy one too if the weather forecast is to be believed… so if that’s the case, I will make a request that you build a brilliant snowman and send me the evidence! Fingers crossed.

Today’s tip: If you are using Reading Eggs, Year 3 and 4 will need to choose Reading Eggspress once they’ve logged in. Year 2’s – you will possibly prefer Reading Eggs but you can challenge yourselves to Reading Eggspress too as you are such super readers!

Tip 2: Spend 5 minutes looking back over this week’s spelling lists (from Tuesday’s lesson).

Task One: Maths

Today’s tasks follow on from yesterday so use the ‘Reasoning and problem solving slides’ on the powerpoints to give you some help.

Year 2 PPT 10 x table

Year 2 Task – Reasoning

Year 3 Powerpoint Related Calculations

Year 3 Task – Reasoning

Year 4 PPT Multiply 3 numbers

Year 4 task – Reasoning

Task Two : English. L/O: To write a story.


I’ve absolutely loved receiving some of your films and audios telling your stories. They have been a real treat to see / hear so thank you.

Today’s task will be continued / completed on Monday too so don’t feel you have to do it all in one go.

Your task is to now write your story down; it can be handwritten or using the computer to type it if you prefer! You may add pictures (illustrations) too. Here are our key targets:

Year 2: Capital letters and full stop perfection please!

Year 3: Use expanded noun phrases (powers of 3) at least five times! e.g. the shadowy-brown, angry, grizzly bear.

Year 4: Start sentences with fronted adverbials at least three times (remember the comma) e.g: With an ear-splitting roar, the shadowy-brown, angry, grizzly bear began to chase Elliot and India. 

Whole class challenge: Include speech!

Good luck!

Task Three: PE


Make sure you get some exercise today although I know many of you have been on some lovely long walks in the winter sunshine this week – well done. It’s so important to get fresh air and raise your heart rate!

You may have your own plan to exercise but if not, you can find links to a Joe Wicks workout from last summer here:

Joe Wicks workout

I will also set another challenge to those of you who enjoy counting steps… can any of you hit 10,000 steps today? Enjoy!

Task Four: Art

Create your own ‘front cover’ for your story. Perhaps you will be inspired by the one I showed you earlier in the week for Stone Age Boy. Use whatever materials you have at home to create your illustration.

I’d love to see your final pieces of art!

Finally, here are the answers to Mr Butler’s quiz from yesterday:

Dragonflies Super Mega Ultra Important Super Fun Quiz ANSWERS!

  1. What are the names of the three types of ukulele discussed in the video?

Concert, Soprano, Bass

  1. Can you order the ukulele types from smallest to largest?

Soprano, Concert, Bass

  1. What 2 materials are ukuleles usually made from?

Wood or plastic
4. How old is the smallest ukulele used in the video?
100 years old

  1. Which company made the Soprano Ukulele?

Ladies of Hollywood

  1. What did ladies used to have when they played ukulele that they probably wouldn’t have now?
    Really loooonnnnggggg finger nails!
    7. What isn’t 100 years old on the Soprano ukulele?

The strings

  1. What 2 animal parts used to be used when making ukuleles?

guts (the strings) bone (the nut)

  1. What is the difference between ukulele bass strings and other types of ukulele string?

Bass ukulele strings are much thicker

  1. How long ago were bass ukuleles invented?

About 30 years

  1. All the ukuleles had the same number of strings. How many strings were there?

Thank you for logging in this week and keeping in touch with me. I hope you all have a fun, safe and happy weekend.

Miss Whit xx


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