Congratulations Liz and Matthew!

Huge congratulations to Liz in Owl Class for winning the Primary Showcase for the Shropshire Music Service in the Woodwind category for her clarinet playing.  This is a brilliant achievement Liz.  Matthew was also commended for his playing in the brass section.  What a talented pair!

Easter raffle

The Friends of St John the Baptist School (our ‘PTA’) have launched their Easter raffle today. There are some great prizes!

Buy your tickets here 👇 and help support our wonderful school. Thank you 🐣

Forest School at Home!

Last weekend was the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch so for last weeks forest school at home task, the children in hedgehog class were challenged to make their own bird feeders. They did a super job of them! They then used a template to record what birds they saw in their garden or when they were out on a walk. Have a look at there fantastic work below…


Hedgehog Class – home learning 21st and 22nd January 2021

Hello Hedgehogs

All of your home learning tasks are now on TEAMS. Thank you everyone for joining us in our meetings each day and for accessing the tasks and activities that Mrs Farmer and I have put on TEAMS for you.

I am still learning how to use TEAMS myself, so please bear with me if I get something wrong! If anyone has difficulty accessing work or getting on to TEAMS please email us at school and we will try to help.

Thank you

Mrs Johnson

Hedgehog Class – home learning 21st and 22nd January 2021

Hello Hedgehogs

All of your home learning tasks are now on TEAMS. Thank you everyone for joining us in our meetings each day and for accessing the tasks and activities that Mrs Farmer and I have put on TEAMS for you.

I am still learning how to use TEAMS myself, so please bear with me if I get something wrong! If anyone has difficulty accessing work or getting on to TEAMS please email us at school and we will try to help.

Thank you

Mrs Johnson

Owl Class Home Learning Week beginning 18.1.21

For this week’s home learning, please access your Teams accounts each day. Any problems, email either myself (Mon-Wed) on:

Or Miss Horton (Thursday and Friday) on:

A daily suggested timetable structured around the Teams meetings will be posted the night before on the Timetable section.  Generally, we will be having 3 meetings per day (9.15am, 1pm and 2.50pm).  However, this may differ on a Thursday due to spelling tests and music lessons.

See you soon on Teams!

Mrs Hollis

Hedgehog Home Learning Friday 15th January 2021

Good morning Hedgehog friends.

Your tasks and TEAMS reminders for today are below.

If you have any questions or queries you can message me on TEAMS chat or email me at

From next week I hope to move to TEAMS for all of your lessons, activities, instructions and guidance. Please let us know of you are experiencing difficulty with TEAMS by emailing and we will try to help ready for this change, as activities/worksheets etc will very shortly stop being posted here.

Thank you

Mrs Johnson

Hedgehog Class Online Timetable – Friday

Reading 9AM – Please login to Reading Eggs to complete the challenge for the day.

Morning welcome – TEAMS MEETING AT 9.25AM

Phonics – 

RED group –  Watch the videos and join in with the songs! See if you can write the letters too.

PURPLE group – Watch and join in with the song to learn the phase 3 tricky words (words you can’t sound out) Then have a go at learning to spell them.

GREEN group – Have a go at correcting some of the sentence on the sheets below. Someone has forgotten to use a capital letter at the start and for names, and a full stop at the end! Can you help them?

Full stops and capital letters

ORANGE AND YELLOW group – Play this online game (it’s free and you don’t need to login or sign up, just click on ‘single player’. The polysyllabic words you need to spell are shown on the left of the screen. You need to click on the snowflakes in the correct order to spell each word.

Maths – 

Yellow and Orange group – Watch the video here and play the games to refresh your memory about number bonds.

Today I would like you to think of the different ways you can explore and record the same number bond. Have a go at the challenges on the sheet. The answers are provided if you need them.
There are also some word problems that use what you know about number bonds to 20 to find the answer. Don’t forget, you can use pasta, buttons or paper clips as counters to help you work out the answer. If you find this easy, please make up your own number bond word problems to 30 and see if someone at home can solve them. Make sure you know what the answers should be!

Green group – Watch the video here and play the games to refresh your memory about number bonds.

Then play the number bonds bus game with someone at home. The instructions are on the sheet. Remember, you can stop when you get to your square on the board and use 20 ‘counters’ to help you find the answer. For example if you landed on the number 14, take 14 counters away from your 20 and see how many are left. That is your answer. So it would be 14+6 = 20 or 20-14 = 6.

Purple group – Watch the video all about using number bonds to make 10

Now use the sheets below to see if you can use what you know about number bonds to solve the problems. You can draw objects and write numbers to help you find the answer for each word problem.

Purple Group 15.1.21

Red group –.Play the numbers quiz and watch the video here The use the sheets below to help you remember numbers to 5.
English – TEAMS MEETING AT 11.00AM
All children – In our story, the animal friends seem to be trapped inside a crocodile’s mouth! You can see a picture of this if you click on the worksheet below.
There were some messages hidden in the creek, and if the animals had found and read them, they might not have got into such danger!
Have a look at the messages under the picture and see if you can read them. Can you draw a picture in your workbook to go with each warning?
Write your own warning notes to the animals telling them what they might need to beware of in a forest. You can type your work on to the worksheet on TEAMS and send it back to me, or write your sentences in your workbook and put a photo on Tapestry for me to see.



On a Friday afternoon the children love doing yoga. Please follow the link to our yoga time video from Cosmic Kids Yoga. I hope you enjoy it!
On a Friday afternoon in class, the children complete any work they haven’t finished during the week. Once everything is finished, they have ‘Golden Time’ as a reward for working hard all week as we have a focus activity for the children to do during this time. So this afternoon I thought it would be lovely for you to have Golden Time, and I have put an activity below that I thought you might like to carry out – making biscuits! I’d love to see a photograph on Tapestry of your finished biscuits please. Biscuit making 15.1.21

End of day optional story  – TEAMS MEETING 2.30PM

Hedgehog Home Learning Thursday 14th January 2021

Hello Hedgehogs

I hope you have been enjoying the sessions you have had with Mrs Farmer on TEAMS this week. I hope to move completely to TEAMS very soon rather than putting the lessons here, so please have a look at TEAMS if you haven’t already done so and take part in our meetings there. You will also find the activities for each day on TEAMS.

Your tasks for today are on TEAMS as well as below…

Hedgehog Class Online Timetable – Thursday

Spelling – Please find your spellings for the week below.

CAN 14.1.21

SHOULD 14.1.21

COULD 14.1.21

TEAMS meeting 9.25AM to say hello!

Phonics – 

RED group Today you are revising the set 1 sounds of s a t i p n. Please find your video and activity here …

PURPLE GROUP – Please find your video and activity for your sound of the day  X  here…

GREEN group – Your session today is all about using a full stop and capital letter. Please find your video and tasks here…

ORANGE AND YELLOW groups – See if you can help Geraldine the Giraffe learn the ey sound here … … then colour the real and nonsense words on the sheet below. 

ey real and nonsense words



Green, Yellow and Orange groups – Please watch the video here and then complete the worksheets. There is also a challenge activity if you’d like to compete it.

Y1 14.1.21

GYO challenge 14.1.21

Red group – 

Start your lesson by watching these number raps! There is one for each number to 5 for you to sing along to today.
Then use the worksheet to count the number of objects in each group. How many are there? Can you write the numeral to go with them?
Now compare the sets on the picture cards- which has more objects? Which has fewer objects? There are questions a grown up can read to you about them too. You might also like to make sets of up to 5 objects using things from around the house, and use the question cards for them too.

Purple group –  Start your lesson by joining in with the CBEEBIES number raps for number 11 to 20!

Then use the challenge cards below to see if you can find the total number of objects in each group. Record your answers using a number sentence. You don’t need to print the challenge cards out and you could use objects you have at home to recreate the numbers in each group to help you find the answer.
English – all children – We are using the story ‘Let’s All Creep Through Crocodile Creek’ by Jonny Lambert for our literacy work for the next few weeks, You can watch and listen to the story being read here,,, Don’t worry though, it’s not bedtime!
When Shelley and the other animals were crossing the creek they had to:
  • balance on the ‘bridge’
  • clamber through the thorns
  • swing and jump through the vines
  • hop across the creek
Can you show someone at home as you can balance, clamber, swing, jump and hop? Design and build an obstacle course in your house or garden that you can use to balance, clamber, swing, jump and hop to cross an imaginary creek. You might be able to think of other words to describe the movements you make as you pretend to cross crocodile creek too!
Take some photographs of your obstacle course and of you using it and put them on to Tapestry for me to see.
On a piece of paper (or in a workbook) draw a picture of your obstacle course. You can label the different parts and write sentences to tell me about how you use each obstacle to cross the creek. Please put a photo of your work on to Tapestry


Reception children On a Thursday afternoon in class, Reception children would have ‘Child Initiated Play’. That means that the children can choose an activity from a range of tasks including those that have been selected and prepared for them. Child initiated play supports children’s development in many ways, including language, mathematical, creative and imaginative learning and developmental skills. It also enables them to learn from first hand experiences, encouraging them to choose how to use their resources and to find and put away the things they want to use.

Your child might have a favourite activity they would like to do at home this afternoon, such as lego, jigsaws, drawing or playing outside. They might also like to make a finger puppet of the characters in our story this week ‘Let’s All Creep Through Crocodile Creek’. A video to show you how you could make a finger puppet is below. Don’t forget to show me what you did on Tapestry!
Year 1 Geography
What facts and information can you remember about the UK? Make a leaflet to show me what you have found out.
Have you ever been to any of the places in the UK that they visit on the video? Have you been to other places in the UK?
On a map of the UK (one is provided below if you need it), try to find out where the places you have visited are in the UK and mark them on the map. You might even have some photos or information leaflets from your visit. If you do, get them out and have a look through them with someone at home to remember what it was like and what you did there.
Year 1 History
Can you label the different parts of the car? (sheets below) Choose the sheet you would like to use.
Find a picture of a car online that Henry Ford might have driven (such as the Model T Ford). Draw it in your book and label the different parts.
How is it the same or different to the cars we drive today? Do they have the same parts? Why do you think that is?

End of the day optional story – TEAMS 2.30PM


Owl Class Home Learning 13.1.21

Happy Wednesday Owls!  Hope you are all ok – seeing you all again each day is certainly keeping me going.

Here is the timetable suggestion for today:

9.15am TEAMS meeting to introduce this morning’s activities.

Spellings – final chance for a practice before tomorrow’s test.

English lesson

10.30am Breaktime

11am Maths

12noon Lunch

1pm TEAMS meeting to catch up about the morning tasks and introduce the afternoon task


Reading time and Worship

2.50pm TEAMS catch up

Again, I have posted your tasks here in case of technical problems but hopefully soon, we won’t have to rely on it as much once we are really flying with TEAMS.  Try to view your assignments on Teams please to get used to it.

*Spellings – continue to learn your spellings for tomorrow’s test.  There is an optional wordsearch if you would like to use it and are able to print it out; you do not have to complete it.

Year 5 Word Search

Year 6 Word Search

*English – continuing the Oak Academy unit.  Using the link below, follow the instructions in the lesson to work through the teaching video and the related activity.

To plan the recount of events (

If the above link does not work, follow the link below to the Oak Academy, select Year 6 week beginning Monday 4th January and select Wednesday’s lesson.  It is called to plan the recount of events.

*Maths –  Today, we are looking at fractions of an amount.  There is a separate PowerPoint and worksheets for Year 5 and 6.  Take a look at the PowerPoint/video before completing the worksheets for your year group.

Year 6 Maths:




Year 5 Maths:

Year 5 PowerPoint – Fraction of an Amount

Year 5 fractions of an amount

Year 5 Answers – Fraction of an Amount

Year 5 and 6 Maths:

If either year group finds their work a bit tricky, try the maze activity below.



*Reading – Make sure that you are reading for at least 15 minutes per day.

*History – We are going to begin our new topic which is all about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings.  We are beginning with a focus on the Anglo-Saxons to begin with.

So, what do you know already?  Perhaps you know of some famous characters/kings? Or are familiar with how they lived, where they came from and what evidence of them we have left behind. Today, I would like you to conduct some research including into the following areas:

Where did the Anglo-Saxons come from?

Why did they more to Britain?

What sorts of jobs did they do?

What language did they speak?

What did they believe in?

You can add other facts and pictures that interest you.

*TTRockstars – spend any spare minutes rocking on through those tables.

Complete your work in the exercise books sent home last term and/or upload photos of your work to each assignment if possible as introduced on yesterday’s Teams meetings.  If not, please send photos of what you have done to me at or

Keep going – you are doing brilliantly,

Mrs Hollis x