Owl Class – Carding Mill Valley Trip

We had a brilliant trip to Carding Mill Valley this week. It included a challenging trek up the hills learning all about the valley’s history and formation plus a river exploration where children discovered what can be learned from studying the river bed.

Our National Trust leaders were fantastic whilst our children were commended on their manners. A special thank you to Miss Ryan (Harry’s mum!) for joining us on the day and providing invaluable support. Well done Owl Class – it was such a pleasure to enjoy a day out with you!

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Worship with Reverend Burns

It was a pleasure to welcome Reverend Lucinda Burns back into school today for our daily Worship. With plenty of audience participation, we learned about Abraham for Reverend Burns’ fortnightly Worship. Worship Council members, Arthur and  Matthew, helped lead the Worship as we all came together in the School Hall. Well done everyone!