What is a yad?

Today in RE, we started our new topic “What is the Torah and why is it important to Jewish people?” We learnt that the Torah is a special script which tells Jewish people the stories in the Old Testament. We know that Jewish people believe that it is so special that they don’t touch it with their hands. Instead, they use a yad to follow the text. The children looked at lots of different yards and the beautiful patterns that they had on them and then designed their own. Here’s a selection of what they did…



Following the governments announcement of the further lockdown in England, there is a letter to all parents on parentmail which has a link to the survey for keyworker places for this week.  The link to the survey is also below as we are having problems with uploading the parentmail (must be very busy!)  Please complete the survey as soon as possible if you need a place for your child in keyworker provision;