Thursday 14th January – Dragonfly Class

Please see Teams for our full chats, lessons and live tasks – we’re all getting better at this!

Today’s top tip: Keep your School Games Activity log updated to send to the School Games organisers 🙂

9:20 Morning Meeting for all

9.40 Year 3 Maths lesson

10.05 Year 4 Maths lesson

10.30 Year 2 Maths lesson

11.00 Year 3 Recorders

11.30 Year 4 Recorders

1pm Afternoon Meeting for all

2pm Music lesson for everyone!

2.45pm Close of day meeting for all


Task One: Maths – look out for your live Teams lessons

Year 2 PPT

Year 2 Reasoning Task

Year 3 PPT

Year 3 Reasoning Task

Year 4 PPT

Year 4 Reasoning Task

Task Two : English. L/O: To describe a setting.

Today I would like you to use your own word bank (from yesterday) or use some of the language shared on the Teams Assignment for this task to write a story opening where the setting has been described effectively.

Here is an example by ‘Boring Miss Whit’!

A boy walked in the woods. There were tall trees. It was peaceful. The woodland felt calm but he felt a little lonely. Birds tweeted in the trees.

Can you do better? Of course. Go Dragonflies!

If you can, write this on the Assignment document as I can mark it with more detail 🙂


Task Three: Music 2pm – Mr Butler will be delivering LIVE Recorders and Music today!


Task Four: PSHE & Computing L/O; To think about how we use the internet everyday.

L/O: To consider how we use the internet.

As discussed in our meeting earlier, we are all using the internet and computers as a huge part of our daily lives at the moment. This technology can be brilliant! But is also needs to be used mindfully.

Your task is to create a poster which shows the rules which you think Dragonfly Class need to remember whilst we are learning at home using Microsoft Teams, live video calls and the internet including sending messages through chat, using The Playground and choosing emojis. There are lots of rules we should be following but pick a few that you think are most important to you at the moment.

Have a look at the links below for some ideas (you don’t have to do them all!)

How can you use the internet safely?

Keeping Safe Online

The Smart Crew – lots of activities, perhaps choose one or two to look at

Send your poster as a photo attachment to the Assignment if you can. Good luck!


See you on Teams

Miss Whit xx