Relationship & Sex Education

It is the policy of the Governing Body that education in Personal Growth and Development, including sex and health education, shall be part of the integrated curriculum of the school. As far as possible, this will be included in the termly thematic planning and coverage for each class each term, being taught mainly by the class teacher. Some elements are considered more appropriate to only part of the class eg. Year Group 6, and therefore planning and organisation takes this into account.


The aims of the policy are

  • to complement and support the role of parents.
  • to value family life.
  • to raise self-esteem when considering ourselves in relationship to others
  • to help pupils to develop a positive sense of self, involving –
    • choice making
    • assertiveness
    • self-expression
    • respect for others
    • communication
  • for pupils to be able to communicate their feelings
  • to help pupils understand their rights and to be able to resist unwanted touches or advances
  • to provide the pupils with the skills necessary to be able to protect themselves
  • to give an elementary understanding of human production, that is
  • appropriate to their maturity and level of understanding
  • to prepare pupils for the physical and emotional challenges of growing up
  • to offer pupils the opportunity to develop and clarify their attitudes and values relating to gender roles and stereo-typing
  • to counteract misleading folklore, myth, and false assumptions
  • to help children make responsible decisions about relationships that they form
  • to help pupils to accept the variation in rates of growth and development
  • to provide reassurance that change is part of the life cycle and to give support in adjusting to these changes
  • to raise awareness of sources of help and to develop the skills and confidence to use them – who to talk to if they have a problem
  • to challenge media stereotypes, (persuasive advertising) and prejudice
  • to promote equal opportunities for all

Parents are informed of the class themes each term. This will also include mention of the timing of any part of this policy that may be of particular interest to parents or involve outside agencies. This will enable parents to support the teaching programmes at home.
Withdrawal of pupils; Under the terms of the 1993 Education Act parents have the right to withdraw their child from part, or the whole of, the sex education programme that does not form part of the prescribed National Curriculum. Any parent who wishes to exercise their legal right is encouraged to first discuss the policy with the Headteacher and then to indicate in writing which part(s) of the programme they wish to withdraw their child from.