Inclusion Policy – Special Educational Needs

The School’s Inclusion policy is based on the following principles

  • that all teachers are teachers of all children irrespective of special educational needs or physical disabilities and have a responsibility to meet those needs with the advice and support of specialists, as appropriate;
  • that all children are entitled to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum which includes the National Curriculum;
  • that needs will be identified at an early stage and progress regularly monitored;
  • that pupils with special educational needs or physical disabilities will be integrated into the life of the school, enabling them to maximise their potential as learners and to contribute to the social and cultural activities of our school. There is some withdrawal for structured support for individuals and groups where appropriate.
  • that parents have an important role in setting targets and supporting their children’s special educational needs or physical disabilities and are kept regularly informed of progress.
  • the school building and resources are adapted according to pupils’ individual needs and any resourcing issues are addressed.
    The school maintains that, through early intervention and giving high priority to provision, all pupils are enabled to achieve to their fullest potential.