Complaints Procedure

In the unlikely event that there should be a complaint, we hope that the situation will not proceed beyond the informal stage. We would encourage all parents to use the informal method of meeting with a teacher or the Headteacher as soon as a concern arises, in order to avoid relatively minor matters escalating.
Our school is clear about the difference between a concern and a complaint. We take initial informal concerns seriously at the earliest stage, thus reducing the number of concerns that may develop into a formal complaint.
We believe in a system based on partnership between home and school, thus developing greater understanding and a sharing of responsibility. If home and school can be seen by children to be working together, then we surely must be giving them a very powerful message.
If however any parent wishes to make a complaint under Section 23 of the Education Reform Act, they should contact the Executive Headteacher in the first instance.
If you would like assistance in setting out your complaint the school will, if asked, help you to do this, facilitating access to translation services where necessary.
The school then promises to deal with your complaint as follows –

  • Formally acknowledge it within five working days.
  • Inform you who will be handling your complaint.
  • Respond to it within twenty school working days or, if it is not possible to give you a complete answer within that time, inform you of progress to date.
  • Explain to you if it has to be dealt with under a special procedure.
    If, following this you feel your complaint has not been resolved satisfactorily, you may then take your complaint to the Chair of Governors, who will would investigate the complaint and convey the outcome to you.

If then you feel that your complaint still hasn’t been resolved, you need to write to the Chair of the Governors’ Complaints Committee giving details of the complaint. Full explanation of the procedure following this action can be found in the full Complaints Procedure document.
Complaints regarding Nursery should be made to the Executive Headteacher.