Behaviour & Discipline

At St John the Baptist CE Primary School we believe it is important to guide children through our core Christian values of Love, Hope, Respect, Friendship, Trust, Tolerance, Wisdom, Perseverance and Forgiveness.  We

  • encourage each child to develop an attitude towards self-discipline and the need to behave in an acceptable manner.
  • encourage each child to learn the need to co-operate with others for the advantage of the school family.
    In serious or repeated cases of misbehaviour matters will be discussed with the child’s parents.

Our school is at its best when we

  • look after one another
  • are polite at all times
  • stop, think, ask “am I hurting anyone?”
  • help to make everybody’s day good

We do not

  • hurt other children
  • use bad language
  • hurt people by teasing
  • bully, fight, name-call, steal – hitting is always wrong
  • drop litter, damage property

The school operates a system of rewards and sanctions. Individuals or groups are given credits for good work and behaviour. Pupils help to set targets and are aware of how to achieve credits. Parents are encouraged to support the school system – a strong message to the child is achieved when they see school and home are working together.

Anti Bullying Policy

Any reported incident of bullying is taken seriously and fully investigated. Pupils are taught skills to deal with bullying. Parents and pupils are encouraged to discuss with school staff any problems they may be facing. A full version of our anti bullying policy can be found on our policies page.