Dragonfly Class – Thursday 7th January

Today’s top-tip from me…. READ as much as you can during lockdown. Reading is incredibly powerful to children at your age – it will teach you new words, take you to new places, teach you new writing tricks, help you with spellings and fill your imagination with brilliant things. Read, read, read. I will be 🙂

Second Tip – look out for Task Four today!

Task One: Maths

There are new objectives today and a new powerpoint. To complete today’s activity you only need to look at the powerpoint on the ‘Varied Fluency’ slides. The ‘Reasoning and problem solving slides’ will help you tomorrow.

Remember – if you want to save on printing, you can read the questions on the screen then record your answers on paper ( a bit like in-class when you present your work in books).

Year 2 PPT 10 x table

Year 2 Task

Year 3 Powerpoint Related Calculations

Year 3 Task

Year 4 PPT Multiply 3 numbers

Year 4 Task

Task Two : English. L/O: To tell a story orally. 

Hopefully you’ve all managed to have a go at planning your own story based on yesterday’s story starter and front cover -if not, do yesterday’s lesson first.

Today I’d like you to have a go at a speaking and presenting task. Your challenge is  to tell your story, just like the Stone Age people might have done, without writing anything down. 

Tips: Use your story plan from yesterday’s lesson to help you.

You can tell your story to your grown-ups, your teddies or even phone / video call a family member or friend who you think might enjoy listening to your story.

But my ultimate challenge…. FILM yourself telling your story and SEND ME the film! I’d love to hear all your voices telling me your stories.


Task Three: Music

Here is our brilliant Mr Butler’s music lesson.

In this video Mr Butler describes 3 different ukuleles that he likes to play. They are made of different materials and have different musical purposes. Your task is to watch this video twice. The first time, your task is simply to watch the video. The second time, you are allowed to take notes. Pay particular attention to any specific facts or figures that Mr Butler talks about… they might be coming up in the Special Mega Ultra Important Super Fun Quiz below…

Mr Butler’s lesson (YouTube Link)

Dragonflies Super Mega Ultra Important Super Fun Quiz

1. What are the names of the three types of ukulele discussed in the video?

2. Can you order the ukulele types from smallest to largest?

3. What 2 materials are ukuleles usually made from? 4. How old is the smallest ukulele used in the video?

5. Which company made the Soprano Ukulele?

6. What did ladies used to have when they played ukulele that they probably wouldn’t have now? 7. What isn’t 100 years old on the Soprano ukulele?

8. What 2 animal parts used to be used when making ukuleles?

9. What is the difference between ukulele bass strings and other types of ukulele string?

10. How long ago were bass ukuleles invented?

11. All the ukuleles had the same number of strings. How many strings were there?

Answers will be published tomorrow!

Task Four: Dragonflies Video Chat!

We are very busy getting ready to see you on Teams Video Calls throughout your school day and we are hoping to have our FIRST CHAT on Friday morning! I’ll confirm this as soon as possible.

To get ready for this, I’d like you to have a think about something you’d like to share with everyone; it could be something about Christmas, about your work or something we might enjoy learning about you. I’d like everyone to have 2 minutes or so each so we can hear each other and feel like we’re back in class! If you don’t want to do this and would prefer to just listen, that’s fine too. It will also be a great way for our new pupils to get to know us all – I know you are all buzzing to meet Maia, Evan and Elsie! So get thinking – what would you like to share for our first meeting? I’M SO EXCITED!!!!

Warm hugs,

Miss Whit xx