Dragonfly Class – Friday 8th January

Happy Friday! Possibly a snowy one too if the weather forecast is to be believed… so if that’s the case, I will make a request that you build a brilliant snowman and send me the evidence! Fingers crossed.

Today’s tip: If you are using Reading Eggs, Year 3 and 4 will need to choose Reading Eggspress once they’ve logged in. Year 2’s – you will possibly prefer Reading Eggs but you can challenge yourselves to Reading Eggspress too as you are such super readers!

Tip 2: Spend 5 minutes looking back over this week’s spelling lists (from Tuesday’s lesson).

Task One: Maths

Today’s tasks follow on from yesterday so use the ‘Reasoning and problem solving slides’ on the powerpoints to give you some help.

Year 2 PPT 10 x table

Year 2 Task – Reasoning

Year 3 Powerpoint Related Calculations

Year 3 Task – Reasoning

Year 4 PPT Multiply 3 numbers

Year 4 task – Reasoning

Task Two : English. L/O: To write a story.


I’ve absolutely loved receiving some of your films and audios telling your stories. They have been a real treat to see / hear so thank you.

Today’s task will be continued / completed on Monday too so don’t feel you have to do it all in one go.

Your task is to now write your story down; it can be handwritten or using the computer to type it if you prefer! You may add pictures (illustrations) too. Here are our key targets:

Year 2: Capital letters and full stop perfection please!

Year 3: Use expanded noun phrases (powers of 3) at least five times! e.g. the shadowy-brown, angry, grizzly bear.

Year 4: Start sentences with fronted adverbials at least three times (remember the comma) e.g: With an ear-splitting roar, the shadowy-brown, angry, grizzly bear began to chase Elliot and India. 

Whole class challenge: Include speech!

Good luck!

Task Three: PE


Make sure you get some exercise today although I know many of you have been on some lovely long walks in the winter sunshine this week – well done. It’s so important to get fresh air and raise your heart rate!

You may have your own plan to exercise but if not, you can find links to a Joe Wicks workout from last summer here:

Joe Wicks workout

I will also set another challenge to those of you who enjoy counting steps… can any of you hit 10,000 steps today? Enjoy!

Task Four: Art

Create your own ‘front cover’ for your story. Perhaps you will be inspired by the one I showed you earlier in the week for Stone Age Boy. Use whatever materials you have at home to create your illustration.

I’d love to see your final pieces of art!

Finally, here are the answers to Mr Butler’s quiz from yesterday:

Dragonflies Super Mega Ultra Important Super Fun Quiz ANSWERS!

  1. What are the names of the three types of ukulele discussed in the video?

Concert, Soprano, Bass

  1. Can you order the ukulele types from smallest to largest?

Soprano, Concert, Bass

  1. What 2 materials are ukuleles usually made from?

Wood or plastic
4. How old is the smallest ukulele used in the video?
100 years old

  1. Which company made the Soprano Ukulele?

Ladies of Hollywood

  1. What did ladies used to have when they played ukulele that they probably wouldn’t have now?
    Really loooonnnnggggg finger nails!
    7. What isn’t 100 years old on the Soprano ukulele?

The strings

  1. What 2 animal parts used to be used when making ukuleles?

guts (the strings) bone (the nut)

  1. What is the difference between ukulele bass strings and other types of ukulele string?

Bass ukulele strings are much thicker

  1. How long ago were bass ukuleles invented?

About 30 years

  1. All the ukuleles had the same number of strings. How many strings were there?

Thank you for logging in this week and keeping in touch with me. I hope you all have a fun, safe and happy weekend.

Miss Whit xx