Owls Home Learning – Friday 15th January

Hello Owls Class! Well done for making it through a full week of online learning – you’re all doing so well and becoming technical experts on Teams!
Here’s an idea of how you could structure your day:

9.15am – Morning chat and register (meeting)


10:30 – Breaktime



12noon – Lunch

1:10 – Chat about afternoon activities (meeting)



2.50pm – End of the day catch up (meeting)


In this lesson, we will look at the purpose of editing and why it is important. Then, we will break the editing checklist into two parts: one that checks for punctuation, spelling and sense; and the other for language choices, sentence types and structure. After we have practised editing, the children will be expected to edit their recounts from the previous lesson as their independent task.
Edit your recount on Onenote from yesterday – if you handed your work in I’ve had a look at it and I may have suggested something you can change to get you started.
Change your font colour when you are editing.

Y5 LO: To identify, describe and represent the position of a shape following a reflection or translation, using the appropriate language, and know that the shape has not changed

Y6 LO: To describe positions on the full coordinate grid (all four quadrants)

Today we will be looking at all four quadrants Watch the PowerPoint attached and then complete the worksheet for your year group. The stars tell you how difficult the sheet will be (*=developing **=expected ***=greater depth). You must do one reasoning & problem solving sheet and one varied fluency sheet. You can mark your work using the answers provided.

You can take a picture of your completed maths sheets and attach them to the assignment by clicking ‘Add work’. Remember to press ‘Hand-in’ so I know when you have completed your work.

*If you are finding this tricky, have a go at the Y4 work about position and direction to refresh your memory. 

Y4 – RPS – Draw on a Grid

Y4 – VF – Draw on a Grid

Y4 Powerpoint – Draw on a Grid

Y5 – Powerpoint – Reflection

Y5 – RPS – Reflection

Y5 – VF – Reflection

Y6 – Powerpoint – Position and Direction

Y6 – RPS – Four Quadrants

Y6 – VF – Four Quadrants


In RE today I want you to think about what you already know about the religion of Islam. It might have been a while ago since you covered it at school so you’ll have to dig deep into your memory!

You can choose how you display your knowledge of Islam (e.g a mindmap, a poster, a powerpoint, a leaflet etc). If you’re really stuck have a look at this BBC Bitesize page for some help What is Islam? – BBC Bitesize.
*Keyword clues: AllahMuhammad (pbuh), Qur’an.
Please attach your work to the Teams assignment by clicking ‘Add work’.
Today I would like you to think about how we care and show responsibility for others and how we show our concern.
Have a look at the document attached to see what your task for today is.

Have a go at completing this circuit. You can set a timer on Alexa/Ipad/Computer for one minute for each exercise. Count how many repetitions you do for each exercise.

1. Core: Plank 

2. Legs: Squat hold against the wall (backs straight against the wall and knees together, bend legs so knees are at a 90 degree angle and hold) 

3. Cardio: Shuttle runs  

4. Core: Arch hold (lying on tummy, hold arms above head and lift straight legs off the floor like superman) 

5. Arms: Push-ups (can decide to go on knees or feet) 

6. Cardio: Star jumps 

7. Core: Sit-ups  

8. Legs: Rock back jumps (on a mat – sit down, rock to shoulders, rock back to stand up and do a straight jump, repeat) 

9. Cardio: Burpees 

10. Core: Tuck hold (on a mat – sit back and lift feet off of floor in a tuck shape and balance) 

11. Arms: Tricep dips (on a chair or step– sit down, hands facing forwards, lift bottom off chair  and move feet away, bend at the arms and push back up again) 

12. Cardio: Skipping  

You can record your number of repetitions on the Circuit record sheet

Have a good day, and a lovely weekend!

Miss Horton 🙂