A helicopter lands at St John’s!

On Tuesday we were very lucky to receive a visit from an RAF Helicopter flown by Tony Grogan and pilot Dan who also gave up their time to talk to the children and answer all their questions about life in the RAF as part of our careers work in school.

It was a brilliant surprise for all our children who patiently waited believing they were taking part in a whole school bird watch! Soon enough, the helicopter circled the school and Hedgehog Class did a great job of shouting “come back!” to entice it to land on our field.

The children were fascinated to hear about the helicopters and missions Tony and Dan had experienced, but also the skills needed in their roles including teamwork , trust, determination and perseverance. A special thanks to Cathy Harmer for organising and of course Tony and Dan for their time and engaging with the children to give them a taster of their experience in the RAF and Navy – it had quite an impact on our pupils. What a treat!

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