National Walking Month Lockdown Challenge – beginning today!

Today, Friday 1st May, is the beginning of National Walking Month! Consequently we are going to have a new Inter House Challenge with awards and a special guest team: the TEACHERS!

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Record how many steps you take on a walk each day  (if you bike, record this instead) but being mindful of the government advice and hour of exercise. For example, yesterday I ran 7,000 steps in my hours exercise. You could even do this around your garden! NB: By the end of the day I’ve usually walked around 20,000 steps but we are only counting the recommended HOUR of exercise.

2. Each Friday, send us your total steps for the week! That means sending in your weekly totals on Friday 8th May, 15th May, 22nd, May and 29th May to the school:

We will then calculate winning children, year groups, classes and houses for awards! 

If you miss a day, don’t worry! Just keep moving on the days you can.

Good luck!

Memo to the teachers:- WE CAN NOT LOSE TO THE CHILDREN! Get moving! 😆🏃‍♀️🚶‍♂️🚲 – Miss Whit 😊