Home Learning 6.10.20

Morning, here are today’s tasks:

*English – Today, we are spending our English time editing our diary entries.  As well as making sure that we have included the features listed yesterday, we will be ensuring that we have checked our general spelling, punctuation and for any missing words.  Attached below are some ‘editing station’ cards to help you to check all of the different aspects of your writing.


*Reading – make sure that you are reading your book daily for at least 10 minutes.

*Maths – Take a look at the PowerPoint and worksheets for your Year group.  Each year group’s section has a teaching PowerPoint to work through first, 2 worksheets (3 levels of difficulty – developing, expected and greater depth) and the answers.  Remember that you only need to complete one level for each area – VF (varied fluency) and RPS (reasoning and problem solving).







*Science – This week, we are looking at how we see things and the structure of the eye.  Look at the attached PowerPoint on how the eye works and then annotate onto the eye structure sheet.  We will then be thinking about how to take care of our eyes including why our eyes water and what function our eyelashes have.  See if you can research these and finds out.



Record your work in the book sent home from school and please send copies of what you have done to  school via the admin email address.

Have a good day,

Mrs Hollis