Hedgehogs Home Learning Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Hello everyone

We have been asked if we can post the home learning tasks the evening before they are needed as well as on the day, so please see below for your Wednesday activities.

Thank you

Mrs Johnson

Motor Skills

Please choose an activity from the grid.

FMS activity grid


Reception children have two lessons each day. The first is at 10am for those children who are learning to blend sounds together. The second is at 11am and is aimed at Reception children who can blend confidently.

Year 1 children, your lesson is at 10.30am.



Can you find fun ways to write your one arm robot letters? Can you write them using a stick in soil? Using your finger in shaving foam in a table? In salt on a tray?


Reception – Today you are drawing a map to retell the story from yesterday


Year 1 – Today you are learning about onomatopoeia



Reception – Today your task is called Talking Together Reception 3rd June

Year 1 – Please begin by watching the video here and then completing the worksheet  https://vimeo.com/420581017

Year 1 3rd June

Year 1 3rd June answers


Go on a walk around your garden or local area. What plants and trees can you see? Do you know any names of these flowers or trees? What are they like? Choose some of these to draw or paint then label their features eg colour, leaves, shape of petals, size or texture (what it feels like). You might like to use the sheet below, but you will probably find many more things than are on here!

Plants and flowers hunt sheet