Hedgehogs Home Learning Friday 1st May 2020

Hello everyone

Today is the start of a new month and the end of a busy week. I hope you have had fun learning at home this week.

Thank you for looking at these pages every day and trying your best to do the tasks and activities. We know that it isn’t always easy to carry them out and that your house might be very busy at times. If any of the activities don’t make sense please do email school to ask for help or for us to explain things another way.

We try to make sure the links to other websites are working, but technology doesn’t always work so please let us know if you are having trouble getting activities to work!

Thank you

Mrs Johnson

Fine Motor Skills

This morning I’d like you to draw a shape on to a piece of cardboard. You can draw a heart, like in the picture, or a rainbow, car, animal or person. Cut out the shape and using a hole punch make a line of holes around the edge, and some in the middle too if you can. Now use wool or string to thread through the holes. You can use different colours or textures of string/wool too. If you use a big needle to help please be careful and ask a grown up to watch you!

Lacing hearts 1st May


Reception – Please use a dice to play the roll and read game Reception oa 1st May 2020

Year 1 – Can you spell the words using the correct ‘ur’ spelling? The answers are on page 2 but no cheating! Year 1 1st May 2020



Your activity for today is ready for you on Education City.


Reception – Your activity today is the end of the ladybird theme Day-5-What-the-ladybird-heard

Year 1 – Today you will be making arrays Lesson-5-Y1-Summer-Block-1-WO4-Make-arrays-2020


Today Jamie is leading a ‘Peace Out’ calming session called cosy cats!



Your reading task today is to find your favourite story and snuggle up somewhere cosy (you can even build a reading den using blankets) to read the story to someone in your house.