Arts week in Hedgehog Class

Today the children have been singing ‘Three Little Birds’ by Bob Marley – link here to a children’s cartoon version if you’d like to watch it … 

We then made our own little birds from collage materials – just like the hummingbirds that live in Jamaica. Year 2 children have also made a friendship bracelet out of red, gold and green thread, significant colours to Rastafari people living in Jamaica.

As it is our World Turtle / Oceans Day in school today too, we also made collage turtles as there are four different types of sea turtles living in the seas around Jamaica – green turtle, the loggerhead, hawksbill, and leatherback turtles.

As it was so hot the children enjoyed an ice pop after morning break and lots of extra water.

What a busy morning!


Hedgehog Class spellings 27th May 2021

Our class TEAMS page is still missing I’m afraid, so spellings this week are here rather than set as an assignment on TEAMS. Hopefully it won’t be long until our TEAMS is back up and running. I also send paper copies home each Thursday too, so don’t worry if you can’t print them at home.

Don’t forget to do a little spelling test at home on Wednesday next week and to send me a photo of the results either by email or on Tapestry please.

Thank you.

Mrs Johnson

CAN 27.5.21

SHOULD 27.5.21

COULD 27.5.21


Easter competition winners!

A huge well done to the winners of our Friends of St John the Baptist Primary School Easter competition. Thank you to everyone who took part and helped to raise funds for our ‘PTA’. We very much appreciate your support.

And the winners are…













Well done James!

A massive ‘well done’ to James in Hedgehog Class for his brilliant fundraising last weekend.

James set himself a challenge to do a 6 mile bike ride to raise money for Comic Relief. He chose 6 miles because he is 6 years old. That is a long way for most grown ups, never mind someone so young!

Due to James’ determination and great effort, he completed his six mile bike challenge in the lanes around his house last Saturday with his Mum and Dad, and raised an amazing £503. Well done James!