We have had a very busy half term finding out all about bugs and insects.

We searched for bugs under plants and rocks, to go in our Bug Hotel.  We recorded how many different types we found.

It was great fun using watering cans to help Incey Wincey go down the spout. We also got a bit wet too! After finding out how many legs a spider has, we made our own using clay, counting the legs carefully to make sure it had the correct amount.

Using pictures and props we placed them in order to retell the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, then created our own butterfly using paints. We observed that the patterns were the same on each wing when folded on the line of symmetry. Ladybird spots were also stuck into place, counting they had the same amount on each wing.

We learnt how bees are very important for our plants, where they live and what they collect and produce. Of course we tried some honey, spreading it onto some bread.

Our next topic will be People Who Help Us, beginning in September.

I hope you all have a really lovely summer break and look forward to seeing you all, as well as some new faces, in the Autumn Term.

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Nursery Activities

Hi Nursery Children and Parents,

I hope you are doing ok and are keeping yourselves busy at home. I thought you might like some ideas for activities to continue your learning, ready for when we return. I’ve put a Tapestry entry on for everyone with these ideas and a couple of websites you might like to use. If you log in to your Tapestry account you will find the entry titled ‘Activities’. It would be lovely if you could add any comments or photos onto Tapestry of things you are doing and learning whilst at home. Any questions just ask via Tapestry.

Have fun and stay safe

Steph 😁

The Senses Nursery Topic

Nursery have really enjoyed learning all about our Senses this half term

Using various glasses, which change the way we see things, and talking about how it would feel to be unable to see at all. Exploring sheets of braille and learning about the job of a guide dog. We all made a looking glass with coloured cellophane, then went outdoors to find out how it changed the colour of the things we looked at.

We crushed spices using a pestle and mortar to release the aroma, talking about smells we liked or disliked. Smelling pots which we were unable to see into were good fun trying to identify the smells.

Exploring and noting the different sounds of instruments and making our own shakers, along with identifying sounds using an activity on the whiteboard, gave us the opportunity to explore hearing.

It was very amusing when we tasted various foods, some strange faces developed whilst trying lemon! We talked about other foods we liked and disliked as well as healthy and ‘treat’ foods.

Touching was explored using a feely box and finding words to describe texture. We learnt that our brain sends messages through touch receptors so that we know where on our body we are being touched.



Chinese New Year

Nursery have enjoyed learning all about the Chinese New Year Celebrations. We have listened to the story of the Great Race, learnt which animals make up the Zodiac and created a Zodiac wreath. We folded card to create a Chinese Dragon and made up dances using a large dragon, accompanied by instruments. Getting to grips with chopsticks to eat noodles was good fun, with everyone saying noodles are ‘yummy’.

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Nursery Pond Dipping

To support our topic about ‘Water’ we went pond dipping yesterday. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves, getting excited to have a look in the nets to discover what they had caught. They looked in containers of pond water to look out for anything moving.  They also enjoyed a play in the garden and a few circle games and sing-a-long.

Thank you to all our parent helpers and Mrs Gittins in supporting this experience for the children.

Topic – Countries, Food and Travel

In our current Topic we are learning about  Countries, the different types of food that may be eaten and how we could travel to them.

We began by exploring various foods and sorting them into food groups.


We sorted foods by matching them to the Country where they may be eaten, also looking at the flag for these Countries.

food and countries (2)

Today we learnt about the United States of America, The Mayflower, Pilgrims and Native American Indians. We then built the ‘Mayflower’ using large waffles in the playground.