The Senses Nursery Topic

Nursery have really enjoyed learning all about our Senses this half term

Using various glasses, which change the way we see things, and talking about how it would feel to be unable to see at all. Exploring sheets of braille and learning about the job of a guide dog. We all made a looking glass with coloured cellophane, then went outdoors to find out how it changed the colour of the things we looked at.

We crushed spices using a pestle and mortar to release the aroma, talking about smells we liked or disliked. Smelling pots which we were unable to see into were good fun trying to identify the smells.

Exploring and noting the different sounds of instruments and making our own shakers, along with identifying sounds using an activity on the whiteboard, gave us the opportunity to explore hearing.

It was very amusing when we tasted various foods, some strange faces developed whilst trying lemon! We talked about other foods we liked and disliked as well as healthy and ‘treat’ foods.

Touching was explored using a feely box and finding words to describe texture. We learnt that our brain sends messages through touch receptors so that we know where on our body we are being touched.