Weekly celebrations with the Royal family!

Mrs Johnson’s Royal invite!

We were all excited to hear Mrs Johnson tell us about her visit to Buckingham Palace this week which she was invited to for a garden party in recognition of all her hard work towards the Harry Johnson Trust. Thank you for sharing your visit with us and your experience of Prince Charles! You can follow the Harry Johnson Trust Facebook page for more information, plus – watch this space – a Fun & Games Council fundraiser for the charity will be happening soon….

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Acorn Awards

Awarded for recognition of work, behaviour and attitude around school.

Ameila – for giving her raffle ticket to others in need

Bonnie – determination And perseverance in swimming

Harvey – kindness and friendship

Sophia – for just being brilliant

Toby – teamwork in english

Ella – good group work in lessons

Year 6 – for their hard work and positivity during Sats week

All the children – for the friendship and respect they showed whilst the Year 6s completed their assessments.

Year 6

A huge congratulations was given to our Year 6 for all their hard work towards Sats tests this week; we are very proud of you. All the children throughout the school were recognised for the school values they have shown throughout the week towards our Year 6 as we supported them through their week.