Weekly celebrations award, cakes and a work-out!

Lily, Ffion and Billy led Friday’s assembly with a Children in Need theme.


School Values & Awards

Jessie S : Perseverance in learning spellings and seeing improvements every week

Owen : Perseverance and keeping going to meet a personal goal

Andreas : for good work in class

Tyler : showing respect in class

Lowri : writing a fab Haiku English

Bonnie : Good fact topic work

Noah (H) : awarded by Lily S for showing respect, perseverance and friendship in Jumping Jaxx “such a great session”

Lily F : for kindness and recognising someone in need

Sam M : for responsibility and thoughtfulness in helping others

Dan : showing friendship to everyone

Anouk : perseverance and determination in assessment week

Harvey D : perseverance

Percy : for a smiley attitude

Children in Need Daily Ten Work-out

In our support of Children in Need, the whole school took part in a Daily Ten work-out! Great effort everyone!

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Bake Sale!

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