Weekly Celebrations 07.07.23

Weekly Celebrations :

Acorn Awards (earning House Points with two pupils chosen per class; awarded by teachers for class-based work / learning attitudes):

Freddie- For making a great impression in Breakfast Club

Freddie–  for a super transition day into Rabbit Class

Emelia– for fantastic art work

Zander– for being a brilliant role-model on move-up day

Charlie– for a great effort all week

Seren– for positivity

Thalia & Percy – for great Greek Olympics work

Raffle ticket winners (awarded by staff for lining-up or behaviour around school)

Plus an extra winner in Hedgehog Class as they had the most tickets this week 👏

Tennis Superstar!

Congratulations to Otto for earning awards through his tennis club this week – will we be seeing him at Wimbledon one day?!