Weekly Celebration Assembly

Worship Council led a busy celebration assembly – lots of brilliant achievements all round…


Golden Book Awards are given following a culmination of stars in class work. Every third award results in a different coloured badge.

Jessie S 4th Award

Henry K 21st Award

Max E 25th Award

Jamie 1st Award

Jack T 1st Award

Abbie 3rd & 4th Award

Anouk 6th Award

Charlie L 11th award

Amy 7th Award

Laila 13th Award

Domininc 11th Award

Hannah 8th Award

Chloe 17th Award

Alex 13th Award

Grace 15th Award

David 3rd Award

Daniel 17th Award

Maurice 9th Award

Arthur L 18th Award


Weekly Acorn Awards


Esme – good partner working in English

Bonnie – completing super homework

Jamie – for a brilliant effort all round

Bella – for brilliant writing

Tyler – for amazing homework

Alex (Hedgehogs)- super attitude

Liam – Player of the football Match

Sam – increased effort all round

Ffion – Player of the Football match

Owen – for fantastic handwriting

Noah & Skyler & Amber – Stars of the day from Jumping Jaxx

Amber – effort in Jumping Jaxx

Noah – being a good role model

Rabbit class – for fantastic Homework this week



Year 3, 4 and 5 received their awards for a very successful Bikeability session this week. Well done everyone!

Year 6 will complete their session later in the year.

Football with Myddle & Baschurch

The football teams were congratulated for their efffort and sportsmanship in the matches on Wednesday – Miss Whit was very proud of you all with several parents and Mr Hughes commenting on what a great fixture it had been.

Thanks was also given to Mr John Gittins and his team who ensured the pitch and lines were looking their best.