Team Collins South African Marathon!

We received a lovely update from the Collins family over half term that Jamie and Ella’s friends will be amazed to see!

To Jamie and Ella: We are so proud of you for all your achievements below and particularly for thinking about other children in need. You are an inspiration! Thank you for telling us all about it. I wonder what plan you have for June?!? 

Here is their update:

“Our family decided for the month of May …we would challenge ourselves to do the South African virtual Comrades Marathon, completing 90km by either walking or cycling.

We were thrilled to see Mrs Viner’s challenge of Harry’s Rainbow run🌈 and dedicated the first sponsored 10 km to Ella and Jamie’s “Harry’s Rainbow run”(see plotted it on our map.🐸🌈)

Thank you so much it was a really positive addition to our personal challenge and was good for the children to feel they were fundraising for a great cause! Jamie said “ I feel proud that I could be active in lockdown and do something good for the Harry Johnson Trust.”
I’ve logged and plotted their progress each week and there is an interactive virtual map. In South Africa this marathon alternates as an uphill race from Durban to Pietermaritzburg and then downhill the following year.
We followed the virtual 2020 route which is a down ‘run’ ( walk/ cycle for us!) from Pietermaritzburg to Durban. Normally it starts at 5.30am and cut off is at 5.30 pm ,thank goodness we had the whole of May!! We are thrilled to announce that Ella and Jamie finished their 90 km target this morning !!! They did a lap of honour around the Roundabout!🙂🌈🚲

The Comrades Marathon should be held on 14th June but has been postponed. We thought it was a good focus for our month of May activity, and our well-being really benefited , through the lockdown, from this too.👍🙂

A message from Jamie and Ella…
“Thank you for your challenge Miss Whitt and Mrs Viner we loved doing it!”
Please see pics of the progress map and pic collage.

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