Friday 24th April

We’re at the end of another sunny week – well done to everyone who is trying some of these activities, but remember there is no pressure to do so. I’ve loved hearing stories of your different ways of home learning! Torin emailed yesterday – he has been learning times tables using car registrations eg. AK57 means he has to solve 5×7. Brilliant! What would mine be? J555…

In other news, in school this week I had a lovely surprise involving our classroom plant. The plant was gifted to me by Mrs Bullock (who some of you may know) about six years ago. It has survived all this time with its deep green leaves…. but check this out – it’s flowered! 🌷This has never happened before – I’m not quite sure what I’ve been doing wrong for six years but isn’t it pretty! 😆

37A7CBB2-DE20-4B98-841B-AB536164A717Here are your final activities for the week:

  1. Reading:  Log into Reading Eggs and follow the activities. Alternatively, spend time reading your own book too.
  2. Spellings: Access the link below for your year group and continue to learn the set list. You could print the handwriting sheet OR present it in your Homework Pack.

Year 5 Summer Week 1 Spellings & Handwriting

Year 4 Summer Week 1 Spellings & Handwritin

Challenge: Test your family on your words!

3. Maths: Access White Rose Maths (website) using the link below, please complete Lesson 5. Each lesson has a short teaching clip, an activity and the answers. You could print the sheet or simply write your answers on paper or in your book (as we do in class).

4. English: 

Continue / finish your St George’s Day task from yesterday. I’ve already seen a great piece of work from Izzy!

The story of St  George can be found here:

St George

You have a choice of English challenges today – but all with the same purpose – to retell the story of St George.

Option 1: Retell the story in 100 words!

Option 2: Choose part of the story to rewrite as a playscript.

Option 3: Act it out and film your drama!

Remember to send them to me if you can.

Other ideas for Friday:

  • History / Geography: The summer term topic is due to be Ancient Greece. To get you started, find out about Greece as a country today. Perhaps you could design a fact file page on the country for a tourist. Where is it? What’s the climate like? What money is used? What is it famous for? Maybe you’ve been there – what can you tell us about it?
  • PE: This sunny weather usually means we are in full swing of athletics and rounders! Can you practise two skills in particular today: 1) Sprintingcan you find a space to complete 10 sprints? If not, run fast on the spot for 30 seconds, rest 10, then repeat.
  • 2) Catching – if you’ve got a ball 🎾 brilliant! Practise on your own or with  someone; try one handed and two handed catching! Can you catch single-handedly left and right?
  • TT Rockstars:  The Inter House Tournament continues! Play ‘Battle’ to earn your team points.

Have a good weekend, help at home and remember to carry out acts of kindness whenever you can.

Missing you all,

Miss Whit 🙂