Road Safety Awareness Week

This morning, Ray Hughes came in to talk to the children about road safety awareness week. This year the theme is bike safety.


We talked about the benefits of riding our bikes such as enjoyment and improving our fitness. One of the children in dragonfly class even spoke about the fact that using our bikes is eco friendly!


Sometimes, adults and children ride their bikes near to a busy road or down a country lane. Ray spoke to us about making sure that we are aware of our surroundings when riding our bikes near to or on a road. We need to watch out for cars, lorries, tractors and other road users! He said that we must check that both of our breaks on our bikes are working so that we can stop quickly and safely if we need to.

We had a practise at doing a stop, look, listen to make sure that it is safe to cross.



We also discussed that it is now autumn and nearly winter and therefore it gets dark earlier. Ray showed us his fluorescent jacket that he and his dog wears when they go for a walk.


Ray showed us the various reflectors that we have on our bikes and helmets too. All of these things help us to be more visible to other road users. He told us a story about when he fell off his bike on the road. He landed on his head but he was wearing his helmet which was fitted and secured properly. It saved his life!


Ray then dressed Eva up in lots of reflective clothing so that we could see how much more visible she is in the light and the dark!

IMG_6470 IMG_6471

Some of the classes are now looking forward to their session with Ray later in the day!