Owl Class Home Learning 13.1.21

Happy Wednesday Owls!  Hope you are all ok – seeing you all again each day is certainly keeping me going.

Here is the timetable suggestion for today:

9.15am TEAMS meeting to introduce this morning’s activities.

Spellings – final chance for a practice before tomorrow’s test.

English lesson

10.30am Breaktime

11am Maths

12noon Lunch

1pm TEAMS meeting to catch up about the morning tasks and introduce the afternoon task


Reading time and Worship

2.50pm TEAMS catch up

Again, I have posted your tasks here in case of technical problems but hopefully soon, we won’t have to rely on it as much once we are really flying with TEAMS.  Try to view your assignments on Teams please to get used to it.

*Spellings – continue to learn your spellings for tomorrow’s test.  There is an optional wordsearch if you would like to use it and are able to print it out; you do not have to complete it.

Year 5 Word Search

Year 6 Word Search

*English – continuing the Oak Academy unit.  Using the link below, follow the instructions in the lesson to work through the teaching video and the related activity.

To plan the recount of events (thenational.academy)

If the above link does not work, follow the link below to the Oak Academy, select Year 6 week beginning Monday 4th January and select Wednesday’s lesson.  It is called to plan the recount of events.


*Maths –  Today, we are looking at fractions of an amount.  There is a separate PowerPoint and worksheets for Year 5 and 6.  Take a look at the PowerPoint/video before completing the worksheets for your year group.

Year 6 Maths:




Year 5 Maths:

Year 5 PowerPoint – Fraction of an Amount

Year 5 fractions of an amount

Year 5 Answers – Fraction of an Amount

Year 5 and 6 Maths:

If either year group finds their work a bit tricky, try the maze activity below.



*Reading – Make sure that you are reading for at least 15 minutes per day.

*History – We are going to begin our new topic which is all about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings.  We are beginning with a focus on the Anglo-Saxons to begin with.

So, what do you know already?  Perhaps you know of some famous characters/kings? Or are familiar with how they lived, where they came from and what evidence of them we have left behind. Today, I would like you to conduct some research including into the following areas:

Where did the Anglo-Saxons come from?

Why did they more to Britain?

What sorts of jobs did they do?

What language did they speak?

What did they believe in?

You can add other facts and pictures that interest you.

*TTRockstars – spend any spare minutes rocking on through those tables.

Complete your work in the exercise books sent home last term and/or upload photos of your work to each assignment if possible as introduced on yesterday’s Teams meetings.  If not, please send photos of what you have done to me at hollis.c@ruyton.shropshire.sch.uk or admin@ruyton.shropshire.sch.uk.

Keep going – you are doing brilliantly,

Mrs Hollis x