Mrs Viner’s Well Being Wednesday

Well-being Wednesday
Hi Everyone!
This week I want you to think about the similarities and differences between you and your friends.
There are lots of people in the world, but we are all different. There is no one quite like you!
Have a think about the following questions:
What colour are your eyes? What colour eyes does your friend have?
What type of hair do you have? What colour is it?
What about your friend?
What is your skin like? What about your friends?
Who do you live with at home? Is it different to your friend?
Do you have any brother or sisters? What about your friends?
Do you have any pets? What are they? Does your friend have pets? Are they the same as yours?
What languages do you use? Does your friend use a different language?
What is your favourite piece of fruit? Thing to do? Favourite colour? How about your friend?
You might like to draw a picture showing the things that are different and the things that are the same between you and your friend. 
Remember….we are all different, but we are all friends! 
Take care,
Mrs. Viner 🌈💞😀