Home Learning 14.10.20

Good morning, here are your tasks for today:

*English – Today, begin by reading the next page in our text and looking at the image of the French cafe where Lydia’s parents work.



Did you spot Lydia’s parents in the picture?  What do you think they feel about their jobs?

Take a look at the photos below of French cafes and restaurants.  You could even listen to some French music too using the YouTube link.  Add some speech/thought bubbles to explain what the people in the pictures might be saying/thinking.

Cafe pictures


What do you think the atmosphere would be like in these cafes?  What could we see/hear?  I think there would be lots of hustle and bustle, people chatting, laughing etc.  Add some ideas to the see/hear grid below (I have added some ideas to get you started).  Focus on expanded noun phrases (tinkling piano keys) as well as prepositional phrases (where things are i.e. in the corner of the cafe).

See hear grid Wednesday

We will be using these ideas in our writing tomorrow.

*Maths – Today, we are going to have some more practise of the short multiplication method for multiplying that we started yesterday.  Below are pages of calculations to have a go at (choose whichever level you feel is most appropriate for you – the first is an easier Year 5 page (p.36), second image is Year 5 (p.37)and the final image is Year 6 (p.11) as it tackles multiplying whole and decimal numbers.

Year 5 easier Year 5 Year 6 whole numbers and decimals



*Science – finish off work from yesterday if needed.

*Reading – make sure that you are reading for at least 10 minutes per day.

Please record your work in your exercise book and send copies/photos to the school admin email address.

Have a great day,

Mrs Hollis