Hedgehogs Home Learning Thursday 9th July

Hello Hedgehogs

Please find all of today’s activities below.

Mrs Johnson

Fine Motor Skills

Please choose an activity from the grid.

FMS activity grid


Reception children have two lessons each day. The first is at 10am for those children who are learning to blend sounds together. The second is at 11am and is aimed at Reception children who can blend confidently.

Year 1 children, your lesson is at 10.30am.



Please choose some new words to learn this week from the choices below. Here is the grid to write them on too. Look cover write check Please do them every day!

Reception first words to spell

Reception next words to spell

Reception hard words to spell

Year 1 words to spell

Year 1 challenge words – ready for Year 2


Please log in to Reading Eggs and choose some of the games and activities to play. All are designed to help you improve your reading and they are lots of fun!


Reception – Today you are writing the first part of your story https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/to-write-sentences-from-the-story-part-1

Year 1 – In this lesson you are going to learn about syllables  https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/to-identify-syllables-a88e47


Reception – in the lesson today, you are going to play a dice game and then help some children find a place on a rocket for a journey in to space! https://wrm-13b48.kxcdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Day-4-The-Dinosaur-that-pooped-a-planet.pdf

Year 1 – Please watch this video https://vimeo.com/434745348 and then complete this worksheet  Year 1 9th July Find a quarter The answers are here if you need them. Year 1 9th July answers


Last week we were thinking about kindness and what kindness means. This sheet Thursday kindness activity will help you think about kindness in a little more detail.

Please carry on with your weather diary that you began last week.  Record what the weather is like when you start your school work, again after dinner and again before you go to bed. Has the weather been the same all day or has it changed?  See what you can find out about the weather where you live.

Recording the weather – You could use this sheet to keep your weather diary.

Weather report sheet – You can make your own weather board to use each day