Hedgehogs home learning Thursday 2nd April 2020

Good morning Hedgehogs.

I hope you have enjoyed the lovely activities you have been set this week so far. Please find below your tasks for today.

Mrs Johnson

Fine Motor Skills

You can either print the sheets below or use them to copy/draw your own, to make an Easter Bunny!

Rabbit 2nd April 2020


Your activities are set up on Education City.

Year 1 children are reading and spelling tricky words.

Reception children are matching letters and sounds, and thinking about the letter pattern ‘qu’.


Go to www.booktrust.org.uk and choose an online book to share together at home.



Reception words to learn this week – with, was, are, they, all, me, we

Year 1 words to learn this week – deer, peer, hear, fear, clear, near


Year 1 children – use the activity below to help you count in twos and learn the two times table. Its lots of fun because you can use lego to help you!

Year 1 building bricks multiplication 2nd April 2020

Reception children – use the sheet below or make your own. Can you estimate (guess) how many dots are on each card, and then check by counting? How many different ways can you arrange 4 dots? 5 dots etc? Can you put them in lines? Rows? In a circle?

Reception arrays 2nd April 2020


Take photos on a phone, ipad or a camera of you or someone in your house doing an every day task (such as laying the table for dinner, doing the washing or making a drink of juice). Can you say the instructions out loud as you carry out the different steps of the task? For example…

First get a glass.

Next open the cupboard.

Take out the bottle of juice.

Take the top off the juice.

After that pour some juice in to the glass.

Then turn the tap on and fill the glass with water.

Lastly turn the tap off and put the bottle away.


Sing some of your favourite Nursery Rhymes, or learn a new one! You can find some ideas at http://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/school-radio/nursery-rhymes-songs-index/zhwdgwx