Hedgehogs home learning Thursday 26th March 2020

Good morning Hedgehogs.

I hope you are all well and have been enjoying the sunshine! Please find your activities for today below. Fingers crossed everything works!

Mrs Johnson

Fine Motor Skills 

Pick an activity from the poster below to try at home.

26 and 27 March


Please log on to Education City for your activities for today.

Reception children have a choice of two activities, or you can do both!


Find a cosy spot in your house or garden and snuggle up with a teddy bear. Choose your favourite story and read it to your cuddly toy.


Year 1 – words with the split digraph o-e as a short sound – come, some, done, none.

Reception – words ending in ck – pick, rock, neck, luck, sack.


Explore how much water different containers hold – an activity for your garden! Choose a range of different containers (such as cups, bowls, jugs, buckets and bottles) trying to find different shapes and sizes. Pour water from one container to another, thinking about if they are full, empty, half full, quarter full, three quarters full, if they have more water in than the last container or less than.

Which container held the most water? The least? Which overflowed? Why? What did you find out about the capacity of each container?

Year 1 can also investigate, explore and compare measuring capacity in millilitres and litres using the labels on containers and measuring jugs.


Please find your activity below. You can print them out or read them from the screen and write in your green home learning books.

Reception children –

Sentence scramble 26th March 2020

Year 1 children –

Verbs activity 26 March 2020


Have fun printing using different household objects and washable children’s paint. Talk about the different shapes the objects make when printing, the colours used, patterns and textures (eg does it look rough, bumpy, smooth etc). Can you print a picture using different objects?

Please don’t worry if you can’t fit all of these activities in to your day. I want you to enjoy being and learning together and so if you need to leave an activity out and come back to it another time, that’s absolutely fine.