Hedgehogs home learning Thursday 16th July

Dear Hedgehogs

Please find some fun and different activities for you to do at home tomorrow.

It is the last day of the summer term, and the last day of the school year. Mrs Farmer, Miss Horton and I want to say a huge WELL DONE for all the hard work, smiles, laughter and help that you have all been very busy doing and giving to everyone at home, and some of you at school too. We are very very proud of the way you have all coped during this unusual time and we have missed everyone who has been working at home an awful lot.

We can’t wait to see you all in September, when you will be welcomed back to school and to our St John’s family with open arms. If are moving on to Year 2 and joining a new class, good luck and remember that you are always welcome to come and say hello to us in Hedgehogs!

Have a great summer!

Mrs Johnson

Sports Day at home!

I hope you enjoy taking part in some of these activities with your family at home. You can even print out a certificate for everyone too.

Home sports day task cards

Multi-skills home sports day

Sports Day Certificates

Colour scavenger hunt

Choose one of these sheets and go outside on a colour hunt! There are three slightly  different sheets to choose from Colour hunt

Art fun

Please select one or more of the art activities below.

Sunflower Fork Printing

Sunshine Dot Painting

Under The Sea Water Colour Painting

Mixed Media Flowers