Hedgehogs Home Learning Tasks – 23.03.2020

Morning Hedgehogs! I hope that you all had a chance to get out into the sunshine over the weekend and kept yourselves busy.

These are today’s home learning tasks…


Year 1 – Please practise writing the following words in your home learning books: today, said, says, are, were

Remember if you do joined up writing, please make sure that you carry on practising this!

Reception – Please practise 2 of the following curly caterpillar letters…

Screen Shot 2020-03-22 at 13.42.16


Your activities are set up on Education City.


Year 1 – You have a comprehension activity set up on Reading Eggspress (Login in to Reading Eggs but then select Reading Eggspress)

Reception – You have an activity set up on Reading Eggs


Reception – Children to collect 2 items at a time from around the house. Which is heavier/lighter? Please upload what you have done to Tapestry.

Year 1 – Activities are set up on Education City and MyMaths.


Year 1 grammar activities are set up on Education City.


Year 1 science activities are set up on Education City (this can be done any time this week).


Make sure that you also get some exercise! There are lots of videos out there on YouTube to help you keep active but also try to get outside as well. Go for a walk or for a bike ride to get some fresh air. The forecast is looking great this week so make the most of it!

Remember that Miss Whit has also set up a house tournament on TT Rockstars as well for Years 1-6 so if you want to join in with this please have a go!

NumberGym is a great resource for keeping your mental maths sharp. Bond builder is particularly useful for you to use – see how many lightening fasts you can get throughout your time away from school!

The usual work that you do on Reading Eggs is unlimited and up to you how much you would like to do.

There is also the activity grid that we have set up across the school if you would like some practical or project work to do. Choose 1 from the grid to keep yourself busy with over the next couple of days.

For parents of Reception children please keep us updated with everything that you are doing on Tapestry and for those of you in Year 1, we would love to see what you’ve been doing via the admin email.

Most importantly of all, take care of yourselves and keep yourselves safe! I am missing you all already and am looking forward to when everything goes back to normal so that I can pop in and see you all with the baby!

Mrs Farmer