Hedgehogs home learning Friday 3rd April

Happy Friday Hedgehogs!

I’m sure you are looking forwards to Easter, and the next two weeks would have been your ‘Easter holiday’. We won’t be setting any home learning tasks during the holiday period, but you can revisit the tasks you have been set over the last two weeks and carry out any you missed or repeat those that you really enjoyed!

Don’t eat too many chocolate eggs and Easter sweets!

Mrs Johnson

Fine motor skills

Today you can print out or copy the design for making an Easter chick.

Chick 3rd April 2020


Please think about the phonics you did yesterday on Education City. You can do it again if you wish before carrying out todays task…

Year 1 – can you put the tricky words from yesterday in to a sentence?

Reception – can you play ‘eye spy’ with a grown up? What sound does the object you can see start with? Can you write the letter to match the sound?


Use the photographs you took yesterday to write down the instructions for the task you did. Ask an adult to help you if you aren’t sure – you can write the sentences together perhaps.

Don’t forget to start a new line for each new part of the instruction.

Remember to start each sentence with a capital letter and end it with a full stop.

Use words such as first, then, next, after that, finally, lastly etc to start your sentences.


Year 1 – your multiplication lesson is set up on MyMaths

Reception – Collect some objects from around your house. Can you make a number line with them? Put 1 object in its own set first, then 2 in the next set, then 3 in the next set, all the way up to 10 and beyond! Can you write the numeral to go with each set of objects? What would happen if you joined two sets together? for example if you joined the set 3 and 1 together, how many would you have altogether?


Please log on to Reading Eggs to carry out an activity in ‘My Lessons’.


Todays yoga is based on the story ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’.

Golden Time

I hope you enjoyed playing a board game together with someone in your house last week. It would be lovely if you made time every Friday afternoon to play a board game with other people in your house please. If you don’t have a board game, I’m sure you can find virtual games to play together online or to print out (www.twinkl.co.uk have some good ones) and you might even have board games for your Xbox or PlayStation!