Hedgehogs Home Learning Friday 16th October

Hello to our lovely Hedgehogs at home!

All of your tasks and activities for today are below. Please let me know if you need a book to work in or any basic equipment. You can collect these from school – just email or phone school to arrange to collect them.

Thank you

Mrs Johnson


Phonics I Spy and Read Activity – Phase 2 Set 3 and sound out these words too:16th phonics (2) 16th phonics

READING – Reading 16th Oct

SPELLINGS – CAN 15.10.20

ENGLISH – If you were going to change the story ‘Lost and Found’, what could you change? For example, you might have a polar bear instead of a penguin, or a girl rather than a boy. Where would they go on their adventure? Talk about your ideas with an adult at home. Draw three boxes, and in box 1 draw or write what might happen at the beginning of your story. In box 2, what will happen in the middle of the story and in box three what will happen at the end of your story. You don’t need to write much detail, just notes, as you will use these ideas in more detail next week. An adult can write your ideas for you too.

MATHS – Today you can finger paint to try and remember all the different ways you found yesterday to make 10! You will need to print or draw lots of ladybirds to record all the different ways to make 10.

Maths 16th Oct

GOLDEN TIME – on a Friday afternoon, the children choose and activity from class to revisit, something they really enjoyed doing and would like to try again. We also play outside and have lots of fun. What are you going to choose for Golden Time?