Hedgehogs Home Learning Friday 15th May

Hello Hedgehogs.

What a busy week we have all had home learning. I’m sure you have been enjoying doing some or all of the work Miss Horton and I have put on the school website and that you have also done lots of lovely activities that you have chosen yourself too. Well done! We know it’s really hard to fit everything in to your day sometimes, especially when brothers and sisters and parents have got lots to do too. Thank you for just having a go and we are so proud of you, however much of this work you squeeze in to a busy day.

Have a good weekend

Mrs Johnson

Motor Skills

I thought this golf game looked lots of fun. Can you make one, maybe with even more holes! You can choose which numbers you put above each hole. If you don’t have a golf club, you can use any kind of bat or even a stick, and any little ball will work too. Play the game with your family. Make up the rules of the game and see who wins!



Reception – Please carry on with the sound(s) you were learning yesterday  Reception ‘er’ workbook 15th May OR Reception CVC cut and paste 15th May

Year 1 – Today we are thinking about all the different ways to write the ‘or’ sound that you have been learning this week.  Year 1 the ‘or’ alternative sounds 15th May


Reception – This book is all about patterns. I hope you enjoy reading it either on your own or with a grown up.  https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/api/digital_books/1348.html

Year 1 – Please read the information and see if you can answer the questions. The answers are there for your parents buy no peeking! Marvellous Moon Tours Activity Card Year 1 15th May


Your activity for today is ready on Education City. There are a few to choose from today or you can do them all!


Reception – Today you are thinking about WHERE the fly is and describing it using mathematical language. Day-5-The-very-busy-spider

Year 1 – Today you are using what you have learnt about addition and subtraction in a pirate task. Choose the level that you think is just right for you from one of the two below…

Year 1 15th May entry level

Year 1 15th May challenge level


I’m sure lots of you have been watching the Trolls movies during your time at home, so I thought you might like to take part in some Trolls yoga today with Jamie.   https://youtu.be/U9Q6FKF12Qs