Hedgehogs Home Learning 9th to 13th November

Hello Hedgehogs at home.

All of your activities and lessons for the week are below. Please get in touch if there is anything you are not sure about or if you need any equipment to help you.

Have a lovely week

Mrs Johnson

Homework for the week

We are reading The Three Little Pigs in English this week. Can you make the pigs houses at home, using straw (drinking straws are ok!), sticks and bricks (lego)? Test your houses by blowing on them. Can you huff and puff like the big bad wolf? Can you blow the houses down?!

Spellings for the week

CAN 12.11.20

You might like to use this sheet to practice Look cover write check


Monday and Tuesday – watch this video https://vimeo.com/470964093 then do this worksheet Worksheet

Wednesday – watch this video https://vimeo.com/470964398 and afterwards complete this activity sheet worksheet

Thursday – watch this video https://vimeo.com/470964866 and do the worksheet here worksheet

Friday – look back at the work you have done this week. What have you found challenging? Carry out that activity once again to see if you can understand it a little better after you have repeated it.


This week we are continuing to read The Three Little Pigs. here is the story for you to read with an adult at home…Three Little Pigs story

Monday – Each pig made a house from different materials. Draw each house and write a sentence or sentences to describe what it is like. Is it a strong and safe house? Why or why not?

Tuesday – Today’s writing is part of our RE lesson. Please see further down this post for information about what to do.

Wednesday – Draw a picture of the wolf. Can you describe him? What does he look like? How does he behave? What does he say? Write about the wolf underneath your picture.

Thursday – Can you make a ‘Watch Out’ poster to warn others about the wolf? What do you need to tell others to watch out for? For example, you might write “The wolf is bad”. “He has big teeth.” What else could you make sure other people know just in case they see him out and about?

Friday – Draw the pigs and the wolf. Ask a grown up to draw speech bubbles for each character. What might they be saying? Write your ideas in the speech bubbles.


Please practice these tricky words each day. Make sure you form each letter correctly! Handwriting


Monday i booklet

Tuesday n booklet

Wednesday m booklet

Thursday d booklet

Friday Mini booklet – reading and then Mini booklet – writing


Please choose a book to read and share with a grown up at home.


Science (Monday) Today we are learning all about teeth! Look in a mirror at your teeth. How many teeth do you have? Do you have the same number of teeth as other people in your family?

Look at and talk about the posters here .Diagrams of teeth , then label the teeth below.

Teeth labellingTeeth labelling answers

RE (Tuesday). Think about the amazing world we live in. If someone believes God made the world, what might we say to this world-maker? Thi k of some questions you might ask about how and why they made the world. You might also write about why you like our world.

RE big question

PE (Wednesday) I hope you enjoy this yoga, based on The Three Little Pigs! https://cosmickids.com/video/the-3-little-pigs-a-cosmic-kids-yoga-adventure/

Design technology (Thursday) We are going to be thinking about fruit and vegetables this half term, and the things we make using them. Can you sort the pictures in to fruit and vegetables? Sorting fruit and vegetables What meals could you make with fruit and vegetables?