Hedgehogs Home Learning 6th November

Hello Hedgehogs at home.

All your activities and tasks for today days are below. If you need any resources or if you aren’t sure about something, please get in touch with school and we can try to help you.

Thank you

Mrs Johnson


I spy jvwxy

Fine motor skills

Bonfire Night FMS


CAN 5.11.20


Read the story of The 3 Little Pigs online, or watch the story on You Tube. Then carry out the activity below.

The piggies have decided to go on holiday to get away from the big bad wolf! What would they need to pack in their suitcase and why? Write a list of all the things a pig might take on holiday. You could also write why they would need each item if you would like to challenge yourself more.


Watch this video https://vimeo.com/469739683 and then complete this worksheet


The Big Dig reading activity

History and Art

Can you remember the story of Guy Fawkes from yesterday? Tell a grown up the story! Then carry out this activity Firework Printing Instructions

Have a lovely weekend and keep safe if you are having fireworks!