Hedgehogs home learning 27th March 2020

Good morning Hedgehogs.

I hope you enjoyed your activities yesterday, and didn’t get too wet exploring the capacity of different containers!

Your tasks for today are below. I hope you enjoy them.

Mrs Johnson

Fine motor skills

Pick an activity from the poster below, something different to yesterday please.

26 and 27 March


Think about the sounds you were learning about yesterday on Education City.

Can you write your own lists of words with those sounds in them?

Reception – words starting with c or k

Reception – words ending in ck (more challenging activity)

Year 1 – words with the split digraph o-e. This can be the long o-e sounds as in home and the short o-e sound as in come.


Pick up your favourite story book that you have at home. Which is your favourite part of the story? Why? Can you read that page, and draw a picture to show me what happened?


Today you have an activity on My Maths all about capacity.


Reception – Write a simple sentence on a strip of paper. If you are stuck for ideas, look around you! For example, you might write ‘The flowers are yellow’ ,  ‘My dog is called Stan’ or ‘I am going to help my Mum get dinner’. Cut up the sentence and mix up the word order. Challenge someone in your house to put the sentence back together again.

This activity is similar to the one you did yesterday.

If you find it hard to write/read the words, ask a grown up to do it for you and stick to short sentences. You can help to put the words in the right order and work together as a team!

Year 1 – Can you write a sentence with the verb missing and see if someone at home can suggest what the missing verb might be? Think about the sentences you did on the worksheet yesterday to give you some ideas of what you could write. Can they write a sentence for you to add the missing verb? Who is the best sentence writer?!


In Hedgehog Class, we love Cosmic Yoga and take part in this every Friday afternoon. Please find a yoga video to do together on Cosmic Yoga’s website. I’m sure parents will love it too!

Golden Time

You have had a very busy and different week. Celebrate how amazing you and your family are by playing a board game together – snakes and ladders, frustration or kerplunk – any family board game will be lovely. Enjoy spending time together and remember how brilliant you all are.

Well done everyone!