Hedgehog Home Learning Friday 24th April

Good morning everyone.

Please find your activities for today below. I have tried to make sure that the online activities below are available for a few weeks so that you can fit them in to your day, and even revisit them again on another day if you’d like to.

Keep safe!

Mrs Johnson

Fine Motor Skills

Ask someone at home to draw some swirls, waves and zigzags on paper. Can you use your fingers, or tweezers if you have them, to put buttons, pasta or dried peas on top of the lines?

Patterns and Lines 24th April


Today we are using activities on Phonics Play. This website is free at the moment and you can log in with the username ‘march20’ and the password ‘home’.

Reception – your activity today is about the sounds you have done this week – sh, ch, th and ng.


Year 1 – your activity today looks at the different ways to spell the sound ‘ear’ .



Choose your favourite story that you have at home. Read it together with an adult.

Get five pieces of paper, and draw a different part of the story on each piece.

Can you put the pictures in the same order as they happen in the story? Talk about what is happening in each picture.

Next, write a sentences or sentences to go with each picture to say what is happening or to retell the story.

Which is your favourite part of the story? Why?


Reception – Day 5 of Supertato!  https://wrm-13b48.kxcdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/homelearning/early-years/Day-5-Supertato.pdf

Year 1 – you have an activity ready on Education City, all about finding half of a shape or half of a number of objects.


I know how much you enjoyed Cosmic Yoga in class every Friday, so here is Jamie with some yoga for you to do at home.


Have a lovely weekend!