Hedgehog Class spellings 10th September 2020

Dear Parents,

Children will be bringing home their red spelling workbook today. These can be kept at home at the moment as we are trying to reduce the number of things carried between home and school. You do not need to bring this red book in to school.

Every Thursday, I will put the spellings and/or sounds for the week on to this website for you to copy in to the red spelling book or to print off and glue in the book.

There are also ideas of games and activities you could do at home to help your child learn their spellings/letter sounds in the front of the red book.

On the front cover of the spelling book is a little note telling you which group your child is in for these spellings. Please make sure you look at the correct spelling/sound list for your child’s group each week!

We will carry out a spelling test every Thursday in class so your child can show us how brilliantly they have done at learning the spellings/sounds they had the previous week.

If you require paper copies of the spellings/sounds or have any questions about spellings, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you

Mrs Johnson

Blank template for Look, Cover, Write, Check here…  Look cover write check

CAN Group CAN Group 7.9.20

SHOULD Group SHOULD Group 7.9.20

COULD group COULD Group sounds 7.9.20  and  COULD Group words 7.9.20