End of week one – Dragonflies

Here are the final bits of work from this week – WOW DRAGONFLIES! You are superstars.

Ella’s been busy with her story ‘The Stoneage Catastrophe’:.. check out her amazing expanded noun phrases all the way through! I love “knobbly root” and “battleship-grey”… fantastic Ella.

Stoneage catastrophe Ella

India’s brilliant delivery of her story – you speak so clearly India, very well-delivered.

India – part 1

India part 2

India part 3

Elliot’s  fantastic ( and very long!) Stone Age story with a gripping opening! I’m sure lots of you will love this – it’s nice and gory! Make sure you’re not eating whilst reading 🙂

Stoneage story

Elsie & Evan’s Front covers – super effort!

elsie evan elsie eva

Skyler’s Axe & explanation – this looks like the real thing!

skyler axe

Andreas’ front cover:


Plus his choice of reading he’d like to share… May the force be with you!

Andy;s bookAndreas’ story … ‘The Naked Woolly Mammoth’! Thank goodness there’s a happy ending.
Andy's story

Elliot had a very arty afternoon with Shropshire Rocks. I wonder if you can find any rocks this lockdown?

art elliot

Dev’s Fab front cover:

dev front cover

Ella’s artwork using watercolours for her front cover:

ellas front cover

Harrison took part in a general knowledge quiz – great score Harrison! This sounds fun 🙂 You will enjoy the task coming up from Amber over the next couple of weeks.

Harrison's quiz

Harrison’s step count! As promised after our Teams Meeting, Harrison conquered his 10,000 step goal and hit 11,430! Wow!

Harrison's steps

India is continuing to wear her school uniform – looking very studious India 🙂

india art

India’s story writing – I am sure all of Dragonflies will be so pleased to see you use your ‘new’ handwriting style. Well done you!

india story

Click on the link below to see Luana’s brilliant movie making – you’ve delivered this brilliantly Luana!

Luana film

Whilst she has also been busy designing the front cover to her story:

luana front cover

Skyler is also on a mission to take over her living room floor. You look like you’ve been SUPER busy Skyler! 🙂


Sophia got arty with her front cover:

Sophia's front cover

To fit her story that she has really enjoyed working on:

Sophia's story