Dragonfly Class – Wednesday 3rd June

Morning everyone!
I hope to speak to some of you today 🤩 so keep an ear out for a phone call! I look forward to hearing and sharing your latest news. 😊

Here are your learning activities for today:

  1. Reading: There are activities on Reading Eggs set up for you today.

2. Spellings: Access the link below for your year group and learn the set list. You could print the handwriting sheet OR present it in your Homework Pack.

Year 3 Spellings Week 1

Year 4 Spellings Week 1

Year 5 Spellings Week 1

3. Maths:

White Rose Maths activities can be found below. I suggest you look at the activity sheets first and think about what you already know. Then watch the video which will help you with your understanding. Finally, complete the sheet then mark it but try and work out where any mistakes you made came from using the asnwers.

To access the related video, go to the usual White Rose and find Week 6.

Year 5

Year 5 Lesson 3 Answers

Year 5 week 6 Lesson-3-Fractions-of-an-amount

Year 5 White Rose Maths

Year 4


Y4 Lesson 3 – Fractions of a quantity

Y4 Lesson 3 Answers

Year 4 White Rose Maths

Year 3 

Year 3 White Rose Maths – for teaching clip


Y3 Lesson 3 – Fractions of a set of objects

Y3 Lesson 3 Answers

4. English: As explained yesterday, you have an option this week, depending on what you prefer.


Option 1: Link to Bitesize English

Option 2: News reports Lesson 2

Other ideas for Wednesday:

  • TT Rockstars:  The Inter House Tournament  continues – your next match against each house! Play ‘Battle’ to earn your team points.
  • Violin / musical instrument practise

Have a lovely day.

Miss Whit 🙂