Dragonfly Class – Tuesday 9th June

Morning all 🙂

I hope you all enjoyed your work on World Oceans Day. In school I had a day catching up on maths activities with Liam and Harry from Dragonfly Class – remember that we leave all the previous work up so feel free to catch up if you’ve missed anything and have time to do so now. It was a lovely day in school – we even tackled the PE shed! Harry was far braver with spiders than me 🕷👏🏼

Here are today’s activities:

  1. English: Bitesize tasks today. If Bitesize doesn’t work for you, have a go at this activity pack.

Y4 -Mastering Inverted Commas

Y5 – Writing Direct & Indirect speech

Grammar – Home Learning pack

2. Spellings: Learn your year group list below (feel free to have a look at other year groups). Challenge: Test yourself each day to see how many you’ve really remembered…then focus on the ones you haven’t.

Y 5Handwriting Practice – Continuous Cursive

Y3 Handwriting Practice – Continuous Cursive

Y4 Handwriting Practice – Continuous Cursive

3. Maths: Access today’s White Rose worksheet below (print if you can) then once you’ve read through it, learn about the skills using the video link. Once done, check your answers!

Year 3: 

Year 3 Week 7 Video Links

Year 3 Lesson 2 Answers

year 3 lesson 2

Year 4:

Year 4 Week 7 Video links

Lesson 2 – Dividing 2 digits by 10

Lesson 2 Answers

Year 5:

Year 5 Week 7 Video Links

Year 5 week 7 Lesson-2-Answers

Year 5 week 7 Lesson-2-Understand-thousandths

4. Reading: Enjoy reading your own book today.


Other ideas:

  1. PE: Continue working on the Virtual School Games activities! Week 2 is Kurling!

School Games Competition

2. Science: Have a look at this Bitesize activity about food chains. Can you design your own?

Food Chains

Have a great day,

Miss Whit 🙂