Dragonfly Class – Tuesday 23rd June

Good morning Dragonflies,

She has a name! 🐾 We’ve decided to call our new pup ‘Nell’ (or Nellie) which suits her because she has huge ears that remind me of my childhood favourite ‘Nelly the Elephant’! Your grown ups might remember that one 😆

Here are today’s other activities:

  1. SpellingsThis week’s lists are on the links below. Challenge: write them out as handwriting practise today.


Year 3 Spellings & Handwriting

Year 4 Spellings & Handwriting

Year 5 Spellings & Handwriting

2. Maths: White Rose Maths links can be found below. I’ve also added a block of work on My Maths for those of you who enjoy it too.

Year 3


Year 3 Video link

Y3 Lesson 2 – Compare angles

Y3 Lesson 2 Answers – Compare angles

Year 4


Year 4 Video Link

Y4 Lesson 2 – Ordering money

Y4 Lesson 2 Answers – Ordering money

Year 5


Year 5 Video Link

Year 5 Lesson-2-Subtracting-decimals

Year 5 Lesson-2-Answers

3. Reading: Read your own book for 20 minutes or so today.

4. English: Two options… 1) Find today’s Bitesize activity 2) Follow the link below for Lesson 2/5 of the Oak Academy lessons this week.

Lesson 2/5 Instruction Writing

Other ideas:

Science: The Human Skeleton

Bitesize Video

Skeleton & Bones website

Use the skeleton labels here: Skeleton Labels

Can you draw around yourself and label the skeleton parts? You could do this using a piece of old wallpaper or get outside and use chalk on the ground (think about safety of course!)

Miss Whit 🙂